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Campaign launches in Leeds to tackle scam mail

Crimestoppers is today launching its latest campaign to raise awareness of scams targeting vulnerable and older people alongside Post Office Ltd, with the latest launch taking place in Leeds.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness of scams targeting vulnerable and older people Credit: ITV News

The campaign aims to highlight the issue of victims being scammed out of money by fraudsters using postal, telephone and online scams.

The launch takes place at the Crown Post Office, with the support of West Yorkshire Police, Age UK Leeds and West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

The campaign launches following a number of incidents in the West Yorkshire area that have seen vulnerable people part with money, as a result of being targeted by scammers.

One incident saw a customer contacted by telephone and informed that their internet had been hacked. The customer was told that because of this they would have to pay over £4,000 to a receiver in West Africa.

Another incident saw a customer receive a request to send money to Nepal after getting a call from what they believed to be a government organisation. The scammer informed the customer that they were due to receive a cheque for over £3,000 in overpaid taxes. However, in order to gain access to the cheque the customer would need to send money.

The campaign to highlight the risks that such scams pose follows on from activity carried out in Bristol earlier this year, and previously in areas including Lancashire, Southend and Rotherham, which resulted in significant engagement with local people.

Scams against older and vulnerable people can be incredibly distressing and some of the cases we've heard about leave you questioning how some people can be so heartless.

Working alongside the Post Office and with the support of some really important stakeholders, we hope to raise more awareness about these scammers, and would encourage anyone who might have information on those committing these crimes, to contact us anonymously.

– Dave Hunter, Head of Operations for Crimestoppers

The Post Office is responsible for providing products and services which sit right at the very heart of communities across the UK and as a result, we know we can play a key role in helping to keep people safe.

Being a victim of a scam can be financially damaging, as well as emotionally traumatic, particularly for those who are elderly or vulnerable. We are proud to be working in partnership with both Crimestoppers and West Yorkshire Police to raise awareness of these kind of scams and protect those people in our communities who need it.

– Mark Raymond, Head of Security Operations for Post Office