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Doncaster Prison officer had nude photos of inmate on her phone

Jade McCarthy Credit: South Yorkshire Police

A former Doncaster Prison officer has been jailed after having a relationship with an inmate.

Jade McCarthy, 27, was found with nude photographs of the prisoner on her phone along with messages they had exchanged. She had also smuggled the prescription painkiller tramadol and mobile phones into the jail.

McCarthy, of Pickering Road, Bentley, was reported to police by colleagues.

She admitted two counts of misconduct in a public office and one of conveying a banned substance into prison and was jailed for 27 months.

Acting Detective Sergeant Alex Dorlin, from the Prison Investigation Team, said: “McCarthy admitted being in a relationship with a prisoner once arrested and has accepted responsibility for her dishonest and disappointing actions.

“As a prison officer, the public quite rightly expect a high standard of behaviour and McCarthy did not conduct herself in a professional, ethical or legal manner at all.

“Taking a pack of tramadol, an addictive painkiller, into a prison environment is not only reckless but potentially highly dangerous.

“The four phones recovered from McCarthy’s home were the small Sonika phones which are notoriously used in prison due to their size making them easy to conceal. The phones had been wrapped in cling film, clearly indicating they were destined to be smuggled into prison as well.

“She now faces time behind bars to consider the consequences of her criminal behaviour.”