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Hatfield deal a result of NUM faith in the future of coal in the UK

The National Union of Mineworkers says today's deal which secures the future of Hatfield Colliery for 18 months represents their faith in the future of coal in the UK.

It is thought around 500 jobs have been saved and officials say a new coal face will be opened in the coming months.

General Secretary Chris Kitchen told ITV Calendar that he hoped the deal was a stepping stone to future investment:

Crashed private helicopter was en route to Humberside airport

A helicopter which crashed near Flamborough Head was a private flight from Durham Tees Valley Airport, it is reported.

The flight was heading for Humberside Airport.

Paul Litten, commercial director for the airport, told the Scunthorpe Telegraph:

This was a private flight from Durham Tees Valley and was due to arrive with our air traffic controllers later this afternoon.

Police and the coast guard are dealing with the emergency.

I knew it was due in and heard that an aircraft emergency had been called. Our thoughts are with the people on board.

Details about the number of people aboard the helicopter are yet to be revealed.


Eyewitnesses report hearing 'really loud crack'

Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a "white private helicopter...we all heard this really loud crack and looked up again. The helicopter started to descend, almost like a plane when it lands. It then went behind the cliff and that's when I called the emergency services. I never actually heard it hit the sea."

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokeswoman said they received a call at 1.39pm reporting that a helicopter had crashed into a cliff at Flamborough.

She said an air ambulance, an ambulance, rapid response vehicles and the RAF all attended the scene.

Police called to reports of helicopter in the sea

Humberside Police say emergency services were called to reports that a helicopter was in the sea off the coast of Flamborough.

An area has been cordonend off while the emergency services and coast guard continue their work. Initial inquiries are being made in order to try and establish the circumstances which led to the helicopter coming down. Members of public and the media are asked to stay away from the area until further notice due to the site being close to dangerous cliff edges and there also being a quantity of what appears to be aviation fuel in the water around the crash site making it potentially unsafe at present.

– Humberside Police


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Hillsborough inquests see original account from witness

Inspector Brian Huckstepp was a constable in 1989, tasked with policing the area outside the Leppings Lane turnstiles at Hillsborough.

The court was shown a passage of Mr Huckstepp's original account of events at Hillsborough which was later removed. It read:

Mr Huckstepp's original account Credit: Hillsborough Inquests

"Throughout the incident both outside and inside the ground there seemed to be communication problems. It seemed that many didn't know what was going on or what was the best course of action. The crush outside the ground could possibly have been better controlled with more police officers and a better regulation of the glow of fans up to the turnstiles. At the time when the crush reached its height our particular serial [group of officers] seemed to be down to a quarter strength of what it should have been. "I believe that opening the outer gates was a very necessary decision as the situation was becoming out of hand and a serious risk of injury. Knowing the Hillsborough ground as I do and how the Leppings Lane end fills up it might possibly have been better to direct the fans coming in through the open gates into the flank areas, which I saw were by no means full."

– -

The witness said he was content with the removal and signed the amended version without pressure. He later discovered his claims about the strength of his serial were inaccurate.

He said: "I put my initial account in on the understanding that the organisation wanted to know what had happened on the day. It was put in opinions, how you felt about things, all the kind of things that I wouldn't normally have put in a criminal justice statement. And then I understood that the process on from that, that then those accounts would now be required for a legal process with the Taylor Inquiry and that they needed to be put into a position that they then became factual accounts as opposed to accounts that included opinion."

Mr Huckstepp, who was a young officer with two years' experience in 1989, agreed that while parts of the removed section were expressions of opinion, others were observations of fact on the day.

Pete Weatherby QC, representing 22 of the bereaved families, put it to him that the deletion came about because there were aspects which were "embarrassing or difficult for South Yorkshire Police."

He replied: "Whether that was the case or not, that was not the reason that was given to me and that’s not the reason I agreed to it being removed."

Mr Weatherby continued: "You put it in because that’s what you had observed or that was your truth. You didn’t take it out because it wasn't the truth, did you?"

"No," he responded. "I was happy to put it in at the time and I’m happy that it’s still in."

Keith Vaz: We wish resignation happened ten days ago

Home Affairs Select Committee Chairman Keith Vaz says South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has done the right thing by resigning but he says he wishes it had happened sooner.

Mr Vaz was chair of the panel that questioned Mr Wright over a report into child abuse in Rotherham where he was head of children's services for five years:

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