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Le seagull rescued after Tour de France prank

A seagull has been rescued after being discovered covered in yellow paint.

Seagull found painted yellow
Seagull found painted yellow

The Scarborough Sea Life Centre investigated reports from holidaymakers in the area.

It was first thought the bird had a rare plumage but after trapping the bird, aquarist Andy Jayes realised it had been covered in red paind.

Seagull found painted yellow
Seagull found painted yellow

RSPCA Inspector Geoff Edmunds, who collected what proved – underneath the paint-job – to be a herring gull, speculated it may have been the victim of a prank linked to the Tour de France.

We know there were sheep spray-painted with washable yellow paint to mark the visit of the Tour de France. It’s likely someone thought it was a clever idea to paint a seagull as well.

– Lia Bull, Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Though still able to fly short-distances, the gull would inevitably have died as a result of the damage to its plumage.

It is now recuperating at a specialist RSPCA wildlife centre in Cheshire.


Teenager to become ambassador for people with autism

You may remember the story of the schoolboy form Leeds - whose pet corgi was credited with turning his life around - after he was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome.

14 year old Nick Gilling from Leeds was so badly affected - he would hide under his bed - because of his anxieties about going out in public. After we featured him on Calendar, his story went global - and he's now become an ambassador for people with autism. Michael Billington reports.

Research finds growing trend for people to work from coffee shops in place of office

It is the start of the working week and I wonder how many of you begun the day with that Monday morning feeling?

It can be quite a chore going into the office, which may explain why some are choosing to work elsewhere.

New research shows there is a growing trend for office workers to base themselves in a cafe or coffee shop. Lauren Hall reports.

Video: Boom! Former council HQ demolished in Doncaster

There's been a big change to the skyline of Doncaster following the demolition of the town's 12-storey Council House. The former home of the National Coal board and more recently Doncaster Council, was brought down earlier this morning. The demolition of the building which stood for fifty years will help with the regeneration of the town centre and make way for a new Civic and Cultural Quarter.

Video: Thousands turn out for Leeds 10K

Crowds have lined the streets to show support for those taking part in this year's Leeds 10K. Ten thousand runners, some more serious than others, hit the streets of the city centre this morning for the race which is part of the Jane Tomlinson Run for All series. Among them was Leeds-born Harry Potter actor, Matthew Lewis who set the runners off in bright sunshine.


World's biggest corn car unveiled

It is a corn on the cob like you have never seen before. The world's first Cobmobile is being unveiled today at York Maze, Europe's biggest maze cut from a field of maize, also known as corn, plants.

The 9m long Cobmobile started life as a stretch limousine, but has been custom converted and decorated by York Maze to become the world's biggest corn on the cob car.

With a V8 engine the cob-mobile is capable of speeds of up to 100 miles/hr, however it will be driven at a more sedate pace while on display at York Maze throughout the summer.

Says Tom Pearcy, from York Maze, "When I saw the old stretch limo, I realised it would make a fantastic corn on the cob shaped vehicle. We have spent the last year modifying and decorating it.

"It is quite apt to be unveiling a 9m long corn on the cob car this year with the maze design featuring a giant image of Jeremy Clarkson. As he looks out from our maize maze I wonder what he would make of the Cobmobile?"

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