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Summat's brewin' for Women of Steel

A special beer brewed to honour Sheffield's Women of Steel and to raise money towards the statue planned to mark their wartime achievements will be poured for the first time today.

A model of the statue of Sheffield's Women of Steel Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Rotherham's Chantry Brewery will welcome some of the surviving Women of Steel to pull the first pint of "Women of Steel" - The Ale at a free-admission party that's open to everyone at town's Cutlers Arms in Westgate at 11am.

The £150, 000 statue will commemorate the achievements of hundreds of women who worked in the steelworks during the wars when their men were away fighting at the front.

It has been commissioned from Martin Jennings, whose other pieces include John Betjeman and George Orwell, and is expected to be unveiled outside Sheffield City Hall in 2016.

A public appeal has raised almost all of the money and with just £8,000 to go, the launch of the ale is one of the last major fundraising events which will take the total to its target.

The Chantry Brewery team had a special reason to produce the "Women of Steel" Ale and make a donation from every pint sold to the Women of Steel Statue Appeal.

We are all steel workers and when we heard about the Women of Steel Statue, we wanted to do something to support it and we're delighted to be producing a beer in their honour"

– Mick Warburton , head brewer

Knicker nicking dog needs emergency operation

A dog had to have an emergency operation after swallowing his owners underwear.

Brian, the knicker nicking dog with his owner Kaye Banks

Brian, a four-year-old Samoyed, who lives in Rotherham, managed to eat his owner's and her daughter's knickers after stealing them out of an overnight bag.

His owner Kaye Banks, rushed him to the vets in Barnsley where he had to have emergency surgery.

Four days later Brian returned home and was up to his old tricks again.

"We just couldn't believe that after an operation and four days at the vets he comes home and does it again. From now on all underwear is put straight into the washing machine. He's a lovely dog but he's into everything." said Brian's owner, Kaye Banks.

Tony Duffy of Abbey Vets said: "It never fails to amaze me what dogs will swallow, but swallowing three thongs in such a short space of time must beat them all."


Dog charity's summer show

A Lincolnshire dog rescue charity will hold its annual summer show today after after bad weather forced organisers to cancel the event.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue was due to host the show at its centre in Algarkirk, Boston, on August 10 but it was called off at the last minute after storms caused minor flooding and strong winds.

Centre manager Jo Hickson said: "It was with a heavy heart that we had to rearrange our dog-themed summer show.

"We chose to postpone the event after the rain continued with no sign of stopping. We didn't want to bring the dogs out in such bad weather and it was proving very difficult to keep the stalls dry too."

The event will include a dog show, agility demonstrations where owners can take part with their pets, and the opportunity for visitors to meet the centre's rescue dogs.


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