Women Against Pit Closures

Coal not Dole

30 years since the miners' strikes, a new exhibition in Barnsley tells the story of the struggle of women from pit villages.

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Baby camel born in North Yorkshire


We are DELIGHTED to announce the birth of a BABY CAMEL here at Mainsgill this morning!! http://t.co/GWyQUO7p6z




Otter palava: Animal swipes camera and takes selfie

Musa the otter's other hobbies include juggling pebbles. Credit: Owen Humphreys /PA Wire

An inquisitive otter became the latest 21st-century being to take a selfie when it snapped itself with a professional photographer's camera.

Musa, a resident of the Washington Wetland Centre in Tyne and Wear, used a GoPro camera belonging to a Press Association photographer that it found lying on the ground.

Owen Humphreys, 41, said: "I had just put the camera down and the otter came up to the bars and snatched it in both paws. The craze for selfies has gone mad."

Musa's selfie is being hailed as an important breakthrough in ph-otter-graphy.


Wildlife staff speak out after saving life of famous tiger

Staff at a Lincolnshire wildlife park have saved the life of one of the famous Esso tigers who once starred in the firm's petrol adverts.

Eighteen year old Tango was due to be put to sleep in Belgium after being seized from a circus last year along with his partner Julia. But the pair were rescued following a campaign by a team of keepers at Woodside Wildlife Park in Langworth.

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