Women Against Pit Closures

Coal not Dole

30 years since the miners' strikes, a new exhibition in Barnsley tells the story of the struggle of women from pit villages.

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A Yorkshireman's best friend: One man and his camel

A man from North Yorkshire has a best friend of a different variety - an 11 foot camel called Jeffrey.

Simon gets ready to give Jeffrey a drop of his favourite tipple Credit: Ross Parry

Originally from Russia, it is thought that Jeffrey, owned by Simon Grant, from Sutton-on-the-Forest, is the UK's only pet camel.

Not only that, Simon read that Camels enjoy drinking beer, so after finding this to be true, Jeffery now gets a couple of pints mixed into his feed on special occasions.

Racing camels are often given a swig of beer before races to make them livelier.

Who says a dog is a man's best friend? Credit: Ross Parry

Bactrian camels can survive temperatures of around -25 Celsius, and are instantly recognisable by their twin humps.

There are thought to be around two million living in the world, but only around 800 of these are wild, living mostly in remote areas of Mongolia and Siberia.

Here's to you Jeffrey Credit: Ross Parry

Jeffrey was bought as a birthday present for Simon's son, Tom, seven years ago, and was brought over from Holland. The family bought him for £3,000 and nursed him back to health, after Tom mentioned in passing he was fond of the animals.

Jeffrey was brought over from Holland, aged four Credit: Ross Parry

Simon, a former racehorse jockey and trainer has trained the camel to be ridden.

Jeffrey could live until the ripe old age of 60, and will have his favourite tipple to thank in his old age.

Things looking up for birthday giraffe Behansin

Things are always looking up when you're a Giraffe and Behansin certainly had a lot of admirers when he celebrated his ninth birthday at Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Visitors signed an over-size card and the birthday boy got a special treat of an oak branch to graze on to mark his special day.

Behansin, the tallest of the Doncaster-based Park's four giraffes who weighs in at 1,100 kg, also got time to indulge in his favourite past-time of scratching his long neck on tree branches before tucking into his birthday meal.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

"He was a shy calf but has matured into a confident character, who is the dominant male of the group," said park director Cheryl Williams.

"He is very good natured and always a favourite with visitors so it was good to spoil him a bit on this birthday."

Behansin is looking forward to a long and contented life to follow in the hoof steps of his mother Matilda, who is 17, and his grandmother Dribbles who lived till she was 33, making her the oldest recorded giraffe in the UK.

Shiver me timbers! Charlie becomes the face of Legoland's pirate adventures

A 32 year-old parrot from North Yorkshire is to become the swashbuckling face of Legoland's Castaway Camp.

Charlie, the blue and gold macaw, saw off competition from three other birds to land the role at Legoland in Windsor in the Castaway Camp, which is part of a new pirate adventure play area:

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