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Leeds Utd programme issue 16b for superstitious Cellino

Leeds United have revealed the matchday programme cover for this Saturday's game against Nottingham Forest.

The programme is labelled "Issue 16b" - Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino is famously superstitious and believes the number 17 brings bad luck.

At the beginning of the season Cellino had the pitch blessed and the team went on to achieve a 1-0 win against Cardiff City.

He also famously hates the colour purple.


Hundreds gather for Haxey Hood

An ancient event is being held in the Lincolnshire village of Haxey this afternoon.

The Haxey Hood dates back to the 14th century and is recreated every year on the 12th night.

It sees two teams of villagers play an ancient game as they try and get a long leather stick back to their favourite pub without picking it up and running with it. It's been described as a messy rugby game without many rules.

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