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Archive footage of the Haxey Hood

Calendar has unearthed footage taken back in 1969 of the Haxey Hood event.

It's a custom said to be too old for its origins to be remembered, but dates back to the day when a Lady Mulberry was riding along the fields, lost her hood, and workmen scrambled over to help.

The hood was returned but it was all tattered and torn. She was so taken by their kindness that she wanted a game to be named and played as a reminder of the act. And thus the Haxey Hood was born and held every year on the twelfth day of Christmas. Take a look at what went on 46 years ago..

Teams limber up for Haxey Hood

Hundreds of people in the Lincolnshire village of Haxey will be marking an ancient tradition today.

The Haxey Hood sees two teams of villagers play an ancient game - as they try and get a long leather stick back to their favourite pub without picking it up and running with it. It's been described as a messy rugby game without many rules.


Pupils at Doncaster's School for the Deaf perform Christmas carols

At this time of the year you'll probably hear people singing a lot of Christmas carols. But imagine if you want to join in the fun but can't hear the music. That's not stopped youngsters from Doncaster's School for the Deaf from performing festive tunes. After appearing at the town's Frenchgate Centre, they put on a very special performance for Calendar.

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