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Pedigree dog killed in Rotherham attack

Police in Rotherham are hunting for the owner of a dog that mauled and killed another dog in the town.

Editorial Image Credit: Press Association

Around 7pm on Thursday 1 October a woman was walking her pedigree Schnauzer, near the Ravenfield ponds when an unknown man approached with a lurcher-type dog that was not on a lead.

The lurcher-type dog is believed to have bitten the Schnauzer, killing the animal almost instantly.

The man walking with the other dog did not give his details to the dog owner but provided a telephone number, which later turned out to be false.

The man is believed to have been walking the dog in the area with a woman and three small children under the age of seven.

The owner of the Schnauzer was not injured, but left severely distressed by the incident.


Black rhinos arrive at Flamingo Land

Two black rhinos have arrived at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire. The mother and baby are joining the zoo from Zurich as part of an international breeding programme.

The black rhino is one of the 5 species of rhino, and despite its name is usually grey or brown.

Adult black rhinos can reach 1.4-1.8 m in height and 3-3.75m in length. On average they are around 1-1.5 tonnes and are capable of running speeds at around 30-35 mph.

The rhinos' horn is an important tool used for digging up roots and branches along with defence. It continues to grow as it is made of a protein called keratin, so the rhino files it by rubbing it against hard surfaces.

20 dogs stolen in Lincolnshire

Police in Lincolnshire are searching for a number of dogs who were stolen from Market Rasen.

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

All 20 of the stolen dogs are King Charles Cavaliers, aged between one and six.Three are female and the rest are male. Police have asked if anyone is offered a similar dog for sale to report it to them.

Credit: Lincolnshire Police


'Large brown and cream' llama on the loose near Scunthorpe

Humberside Police were say they are currently on the hunt for a 'large brown and cream' llama on the loose near Scunthorpe.

They received a call just after 1pm today to reports of a llama on the loose in the EastLound area of Haxey.

Concern was raised for the safety of members of the public as it was running along a main road.

The llama was located in the area but as anyone came close to it, it ran off.

Police say the llama may pose a threat to the public and should not be approached.

Thousands attend Chatsworth Country Fair

Thousands of visitors have headed to Chatsworth House today, the home of the Duke of Devonshire, for the the 34th country fair at the north Derbyshire stately home.

The three day event is one of the biggest in the country with displays and stalls covering all aspects of rural life from birds of prey to vintage vehicles.

It also brings a big boost for the local economy. Martin Fisher reports.

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