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Appeal for information after discovery of dumped cat

RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was dumped in a ditch in Lincolnshire.

Credit: RSPCA

The young adult male tabby was discovered inside a cat box, in six inches of water in Spalding, at 8.30am on Monday. The RSPCA was called, and has taken him into our care.

He was unhurt and in good health, and he looks as if he has been cared for, so it is possible he is a much loved pet and that someone else dumped him in this callous way.

– RSPCA inspector Andy Bostock
Credit: RSPCA

Three endangered tiger cubs born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has released CCTV footage of the birth of three endangered tiger cubs.

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Tigress Tschuna and the cubs' father Vladimir are Amur Tigers, whose numbers in their native habitat in the Russian Far East have dwindled to approximately 450 due to poaching and disappearing habitat.

"We watched the birth as it happened on the CCTV camera, as Tschuna had hidden herself away in peace and quiet of the cubbing den. It was a very special moment and an incredible privilege," said Kim Wilkins, Carnivore Team Leader.

"It was so heart-warming to see how Tschuna took to motherhood and how natural the new family is. Both the birth and her bonding to the cubs was all captured - it is truly enchanting footage and I am glad that we are able to share it with everyone "

The cubs were born on March 29th and Tschuna is still caring for and feeding her cubs inside the house in the Park's Land of Tigers.

They will not be seen by visitors at the Park for some weeks to come, but the Park says it will be releasing further footage as the cubs grow.


Birdman becomes 'surrogate parent' to pair of penguins

A 30-year-old aquarist who became a 'surrogate parent' to two Humboldt penguins has released them into Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary's penguin enclosure.

Foster dad Todd with his two babies Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

Both penguins were hatched in December at another UK wildlife centre and were rejected by their parents.

Todd German, who works as a senior aquarist at the Sanctuary had previously reared many abandoned baby birds and numerous orphaned, oiled and injured seabirds.

He fed Rico and Skipper a special fish soup six times daily with the aid of a syringe and even took them home with him so he could give them their last feed at 10pm.

Rico and Skipper go for a walk – Skipper opting for a ‘lift’ on this occasion. Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

Now fully fledged, they have joined 18 full-grown Humboldt’s in the Sanctuary’s new ‘Penguin island’ enclosure

Rico and Skipper weighed a miniscule 67 grams when Todd first adopted them. They now weigh in at four kilos.

I was thrilled to be given the chance to bring up Rico and Skipper. It was hard work, and I’m not sure what the neighbours made of their braying calls in the middle of the night, but it has been a hugely rewarding experience.

– Todd German

Baby giraffe born at Flamingo Land resort

A baby giraffe has been born at Flamingo Land resort in Malton.

Credit: Flamingo Land

The Rothschild giraffe was born to parents George and Lizzy on Sunday.

The resort says that the giraffe is a female, and will be named in a Name the Baby competition shortly.

Credit: Flamingo Land

Rothschild giraffes are listed as Endangered by the IUCN and their population is still decreasing.


Murphy's army marches to beat dog theft

Scores of dog lovers joined a mass walk around City Park in Bradford this afternoon to try to tackle dog theft and promote micro-chipping.

Murphy headed the march through Bradford

They were lead around the park by Murphy and his owner Andy Smith, who were reunited last month, after 43,000 people joined a campaign to bring the husky home.

Murphy had been bundled into a car last December and was missing for three months, until he was found by the RSPCA in Manchester.

Murphy's army to walk round Bradford

Hundreds of dogs and their owners are to walk around Bradford to raise awareness of the increasing number of dog thefts.

Murphy was found after a massive online campaign

They will be lead by Siberian Huskey Murphy, who was reunited with his owner Andy last month after 43,000 people backed a campaign to find him when he was bundled into a car and driven away last December.

James Herriot statue unveiled

A life-size bronze sculpture of Yorkshire vet-turned author Alf Wright has been unveiled today at The World of James Herriot in Thirsk.

A life-size bronze statue of vet-turned-author Alf Wright has been unveiled at The World of James Herriot Credit: The World of James Herriot

Mr Wright became the most famous vet in the world for his James Herriot books based on his life and practice in rural Yorkshire.

The official installation ceremony of the statue took place this morning when James Berresford, chief executive of VisitEngland performed the official proceedings.

As a tribute to Alf’s wife, Joan, the statue of her famous husband has been installed on what would have been her 96th birthday.

Jim Wight and Rosie Page, son and daughter of the author joined James Berresford along with Sean Hedges-Quinn, the sculptor of the statue, June Imeson OBE, the original driving force behind the opening of the World of James Herriot, plus Councillors Mark Robson & Gareth Dadd of Hambleton District Council, David Shields of Welcome to Yorkshire plus many supporters, volunteers and staff from the Centre.

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