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'Warrior' to retire after 16 years on the frontline

Warrior Louis Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Two long-serving members of the West Yorkshire police force are bowing out after a combined total of 31 years service between them.

Louis the police horse, dubbed 'The Warrior', is hanging up his tack after 16 years with the Force's mounted section and taking his well-earned retirement in Huddersfield. And colleague Bud is taking on a new role with the Metropolitan Police's mounted section.

Bud, now aged 15, is coming towards the end of his working life, but with his many year experience, he will be taking a 'lead' role in assisting to train new horses as part of the Met's mounted section

Bud will take 'lead' training role Credit: West Yorkshire Police

.Louis is going to a new home in Huddersfield where he will spend his senior years taking things easy grazing in fields, with the occasional hack out. He has been with the mounted section at Carr Gate since he was bought as a four-year-old from Hillam in North Yorkshire. He was the last horse serving that was involved in the Bradford riots and is nicknamed ‘The Warrior’ as he keeps on going no matter what.

Bud, joined the team at West Yorkshire's Mounted Section eight years ago and similar to Louis has been involved in all manner of policing operations and activity. He received local and national media attention after sustaining injuries at the Tyne Wear Derby in Newcastle in 2013.

We will be sad to see Bud and Louis leave Carr Gate. As with all our horses, they are all treasured by the officers and staff who work with and look after them. They have both been fantastic to work with, and have experienced so many different circumstances.

– Sergeant Jayne Wes

Take care of your pet on Bonfire Night

Fireworks can frighten

It's bonfire night tonight which means fun for the whole family but not so much for your pets.

The loud noises and flashes often frighten many animals and they can suffer from stress as a result.

In preparation for tonight the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have posted their top five tips to make sure your pets can enjoy the fireworks too.

- make a den for your pet so they can relax and feel safe

- Use pheromone products to reduce their stress levels and leave these close to the den and around the home

- Provide background noise and close the curtains and windows

- Remain calm: reassuring your pet might feel like the right thing to do but it can often cause anxiety

- Move any small pets, like rabbits and guinea pigs, to a quiet room indoors and give plenty of bedding to mask loud noises

Obvious signs of distress according to the BVA can include panting, drooling and attempts to escape. Less obvious signs include, restlessness and messing in the house. For more information visit the BVA website here


Firefighters winch stranded horse to safety

A stranded horse had to be winched to safety by firefighters after becoming stranded on moorland in West Yorkshire.

It's thought that Frankie may have been stranded for over 30 hours when he was found in a culvert in Sowerby Bridge.

The culvert was about 10 foot deep and runs about three miles. The horse had been in the field next to the culvert and could not get out.

– West Yorkshire Fire

Visitors spot rare leopard cubs at wildlife park

Visitors to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster today got their first chance to spot rare leopard cubs. Three Amur cubs were born at the park in June. One did not survive but the progress of the remaining two is a landmark in the international conservation programme. And today the pair braved the cameras - and the visitors - and tentatively stepped out of their new enclosure for the first time.

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