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Rescue centre's warning after seal pup delivered to them in a taxi

Staff at a seal rescue centre have issued an urgent appeal after a healthy seal pup was delivered to their door in a taxi.

The seal before it was returned to the beach Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

The anonymous beachcomber who delivered the grey seal pup wrapped in a coat could inadvertently have separated it from its mother, Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary has warned.

“She also risked a nasty bite and possible infection,” said the Sanctuary’s displays supervisor Lyndsey Crawford.

I was a bit stunned to be summoned to the car park to retrieve this pup from the back of a cab, and in my eagerness to get it wrapped in towels and safely indoors I didn’t have time to take any details of the lady’s name or number,” said Lyndsey.

She was clearly an animal lover and had the best of intentions, but we soon realised the pup was fit and healthy.”

Pups will quite often haul out on the shore while their mums are searching for food, but they are rarely left on their own for more than an hour or so.

– Lyndsey Crawford

Lyndsey and a colleague immediately raced the pup back to the local beach where it was found, and are confident they were quick enough to ensure it was safely reunited with its mother.

The incident prompted them to issue an appeal for anyone who sees a lone pup on the shore to watch from a distance and to call either the Sanctuary or the RSPCA if they become concerned.

Endangered tigers settle into new North Yorkshire home

They are critically endangered in the wild, but three Sumatran tiger cubs are thriving at their new home in North Yorkshire.

They were born at Flamingo Land earlier this year and have spent the last few months bonding and growing alongside their mother.

There are only around four hundred Sumatran tigers left in the wild, so the youngsters are a crucial part of the world-wide conservation programme. Julie Harrison went along to see them.


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Up to 50 cats die from anti-freeze poisoning a month, says MP

Credit: Ivo Cagalj/PIXSELL

A Conservative MP is calling on the Government to intervene over fears that around 50 cats a month are dying from anti-freeze poisoning.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer warned that "more than a cat and a half a day" are suffering traumatic deaths after consuming anti-freeze.

MPs were told that anti-freeze ingredient ethylene glycol has a sweet taste to small animals, but it's extremely toxic and can rapidly lead to kidney failure and death.

Mr Spencer - who has a cat called Parsnip - said Cats Protection has spotted almost 1,200 reports of anti-freeze poisoning of cats in the UK since November 2012 - around 50 a month. He asked the Government to consider making it mandatory for anti-freeze products to include Bitrex to deter small animals and called for better labelling on bottles. His comments came after at least 22 cats were poisoned in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

Environment minister George Eustice said anyone found guilty of deliberately poisoning an animal could be fined up to £20,000 and face six months in jail.

He added: "It would be quite possible, for instance, for the labels on anti-freeze to warn about the particular risk to pets, for example, and maybe to make clear it would not be right to use there products in garden water features. I think that might be a step forward."

Herbie is put down after slurry-ditch ordeal

Herbie the former racehorse who was rescued from a slurry-filled ditch in Doncaster by firefighters failed to recover from his ordeal, and was put down this afternoon by a vet.

Herbie and his owner Julie Hepworth shortly after the rescue Credit: ITV Yorkshire

His owner Julie Hepworth said 30-year-old Herbie, who raced at Ascot and Epsom , never got back on his four legs after the rescue and it was the hmane thing to put him to sleep.

The vet, Richard Coppack said in human terms Herbie was the equivalent to 80 years old.

Firefighters rescue horse from slurry-filled ditch

Julie Hepworth tends to her exhausted thoroughbred horse Herbie after he became stuck for several hours in a slurry-filled ditch and had to be rescued by firefighters in the village of Sykehouse, near Doncaster, early today.

Julie Hepworth tends to Herbie after he has been rescued from slurry-filled ditch Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The battle now is to get Herbie back on his feet because he's 30 years old and has been worn out by his ordeal.

Julie bought him many years ago. Herbie is a former racehorse, who ran at Ascot and Epsom, but was retired because of injury


Puppy found in Lincolnshire

Police are trying to trace the owners of this pup found wandering in Hough-on-the Hill.

Puppy found in Lincolnshire

The young female dog was discovered by a member of the public around 7.30am this morning and was handed in to Grantham Police Station. Officers say they do not yet know what breed she is or how old she is. She is not microchipped and is not wearing a collar.

She will be picked up by South Kesteven District Council officers later in the day.

Police are appealing for anyone who knows who owns the dog to get in touch.

Leeds Dogs Trust advice on responsible puppy adoption

Animal experts are urging prospective pet owners to be vigilant if they are considering getting a dog this Christmas.

A recent investigation found that the international puppy trade is riddled with a "high level of corruption" and "shocking" animal welfare standards,

Leeds Dogs Trust says owners should check the credentials of breeders:

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