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Murphy's army marches to beat dog theft

Scores of dog lovers joined a mass walk around City Park in Bradford this afternoon to try to tackle dog theft and promote micro-chipping.

Murphy headed the march through Bradford

They were lead around the park by Murphy and his owner Andy Smith, who were reunited last month, after 43,000 people joined a campaign to bring the husky home.

Murphy had been bundled into a car last December and was missing for three months, until he was found by the RSPCA in Manchester.


Murphy's army to walk round Bradford

Hundreds of dogs and their owners are to walk around Bradford to raise awareness of the increasing number of dog thefts.

Murphy was found after a massive online campaign

They will be lead by Siberian Huskey Murphy, who was reunited with his owner Andy last month after 43,000 people backed a campaign to find him when he was bundled into a car and driven away last December.

James Herriot statue unveiled

A life-size bronze sculpture of Yorkshire vet-turned author Alf Wright has been unveiled today at The World of James Herriot in Thirsk.

A life-size bronze statue of vet-turned-author Alf Wright has been unveiled at The World of James Herriot Credit: The World of James Herriot

Mr Wright became the most famous vet in the world for his James Herriot books based on his life and practice in rural Yorkshire.

The official installation ceremony of the statue took place this morning when James Berresford, chief executive of VisitEngland performed the official proceedings.

As a tribute to Alf’s wife, Joan, the statue of her famous husband has been installed on what would have been her 96th birthday.

Jim Wight and Rosie Page, son and daughter of the author joined James Berresford along with Sean Hedges-Quinn, the sculptor of the statue, June Imeson OBE, the original driving force behind the opening of the World of James Herriot, plus Councillors Mark Robson & Gareth Dadd of Hambleton District Council, David Shields of Welcome to Yorkshire plus many supporters, volunteers and staff from the Centre.

New lease of life for Tropical World

Tropical World in Leeds has reopened after a one point five million pound refurbishment.

The attraction at Roundhay Park has been made more environmentally friendly and features a new aquarium and reptile enclosure. It has been created in the style of a South American tropical rainforest. The improvements have been partly funded by the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Charitable Foundation, set up by the family which helped pay for the original development.

Leeds City councillor Mark Dobson says the investment has given the attraction a new lease of life.


Jail and pet ban for kitten killer

A man from Whitby has been banned from keeping animals for life and jailed for 20 weeks after brutally killing four kittens he had earlier threatened to harm.

John Stephen Akrill of Great Fryup Dale, Whitby pleaded guilty to one allegation under the Animal Welfare Act at Scarborough Magistrates Court.

He admitted, on or about 16 August 2014, causing unnecessary suffering to four kittens by killing them in an inhumane and inappropriate manner.

We got a call from the police on the 16 August and went to the address with them. He said he did it because they had cat flu, but they were all in good body condition and no evidence of cat flu or any other illness was found either by our vet or in post mortem and he had sent text messages to his ex-partner earlier that day threatening to kill them.

– RSPCA inspector Karen Colman

The black and white kittens were eight weeks old. Their mother and another cat were removed on veterinary advice, because of concerns for their safety. The other cat was signed over to the RSPCA for rehoming by his ex-partner but Mr Akrill refused to sign the mother cat over, so she has been in RSPCA care ever since. A deprivation order was issued by the court meaning she can now be re-homed.

It was very upsetting to see these poor kittens and to hear him describe what he had done to them. This was absolutely not an appropriate or humane way to kill an animal, even if they had been ill. This was a cruel act carried out to upset Mr Akrill’s ex-partner. In fact, the kitten she was the most fond of had received the worst of the blunt force trauma.

– RSPCA inspector Karen Colman

Owner 'flabbergasted' after 3-hour dog rabbit hole rescue

A Dachshund called Lulu was rescued by firefighters in a three-hour operation after she disappeared down a rabbit hole in a woodland near Billngview, Rawdon.

Credit: West Yorkshire Fire

The Technical Rescue Team from Cleckheaton Fire Station used a snake-eye camera to locate the four-year-old dog.

The firefighters worked so hard. It was pouring down with rain.

When she came out I cried. It’s the best birthday present I have had.

I’m so flabbergasted that they have gone to such a length and the work that they put in - the physical hard work - was incredible.

– Nicola Linfield, Lulu's owner
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