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Thatcher 'would not have supported Brexit'

Margaret Thatcher would not have supported Brexit, or having an In-Out referendum on the EU at all, according to one of her most senior policy advisers.

Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher and deputy leader William Whitelaw during a Conservative Group for Europe Press conference in 1975 Credit: PA Archive

Lord Charles Powell of Bayswater, the former prime minister's closest foreign policy adviser while she was in Number 10, said Mrs Thatcher had "no truck" with referendums and wanted to change the EU from within.

Speaking to The Observer, he said the late leader would have "avoided getting trapped" by the referendum promise.

Of course she got fed up with [Europe], but I don't believe that as prime minister she would ever have campaigned to take Britain out of Europe, or had a referendum to allow that to happen.

She wanted to change Europe, and she set out to change it with great vigour, but I don't believe she would have chosen this way, and she would have avoided getting trapped by the referendum promise.

She never had any truck with referendums and frequently spoke out against them.

– Lord Charles Powell of Bayswater


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Eagle 'looking forward' to launching leadership campaign

Angela Eagle has confirmed she has put in the paperwork to begin her bid to challenge and replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Speaking outside her home in London, she told reporters she was "very much looking forward" to launching her campaign later today.

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Abbott: Eagle is the 'Empire Strikes Back' candidate

Shadow health secretary Diane Abbott has told ITV's Good Morning Britain that Angela Eagle's support for the Iraq invasion and an increase in tuition fees show she is the "Empire Strikes Back" candidate against Jeremy Corbyn.

The Corbyn-supporting Abbott said her party's embattled leader must be on any leadership ballot as she played down talk of splits within the party and reports of political "Armageddon".

She joined Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin McGuire in doubting Eagle's success in a race with Mr Corbyn as the pair were questioned about the stature of a challenger who came fourth in a previous race for Labour's deputy leadership.


Bridlington born MP to officially launch Labour leadership bid

A Bridlington born MP is to officially launch her opposition to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party today.

Former Shadow Business Sectretary Angela Eagle Credit: Press Association

Former Shadow Business Secretary, Angela Eagle, says she wants to unite the party.

Mr Corbyn said he was disappointed over the leadership bid.

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Ed Balls: Labour needs Eagle - Corbyn can't do job

Ed Balls has told Peston on Sunday that Angela Eagle's leadership bid is "essential" as Jeremy Corbyn "can't do the job".

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The former shadow chancellor said no one believed Corbyn could ever become prime minister.

"Frankly there is no message at all coming from Labour in the last two weeks about what the solutions to these big problems are," he told Robert Peston.

"There's got to be a change. It's not just necessary for Labour, I think it's necessary for the whole country.

"We need a strong opposition which believes it can form the next government and I'm afraid nobody thinks Jeremy Corbyn is going to be the prime minister of our country."

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