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Coastal Pass scheme aims to attract visitors to Lincolnshire coast

A new project has been launched to try to attract more visitors to the Lincolnshire coast. The Coastal Pass scheme will allow holidaymakers to create their own activities and find out more about places they can visit.

This digitally innovative project presents an excellent opportunity for East Lincolnshire to target and encourage Dutch visitors to visit and explore our part of the coast and we are delighted to be a partner in this project.

East Lincolnshire has a diverse range of great products and experiences that will appeal to the Dutch market and we are ready to welcome them.

– Alison Macdonald, Tourism and Marketing Manager



Guard of honour as last body is removed from Didcot Power Station site

The last missing body in the rubble of Didcot Power Station was removed from the site early today.

Guard of honour as body believed to be John Shaw leaves Didcot Power Station site Credit: Thames Valley Police

A guard of honour of more than a dozen workers from the emergency services was formed as the body, thought to be that of sixty one year old John Shaw, who was from Rotherham , was taken away at about 6.30amy this morning.

Mr Shaw was one of four workers including Ken Cresswell, who was also from Rotherham, who were killed in a partial collapse of the Oxfordshire power station exactly 200 days ago.

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