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Spectacular fireworks mark start of Hull's UK City of Culture year

Fireworks light up the sky over the Humber River during the official opening of Hull's tenure as UK City of Culture.

Fireworks light up the sky over the Humber River Credit: Danny Lawson/ PA Wire
Fireworks light up the sky over the Humber River Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire
Fireworks light up the sky over the Humber River Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire
Thousands watch the UK City of Culture fireworks display Credit: Danny Lawson/ PA Wire
Thousands watch the UK City of Culture fireworks display Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire
Spectacular fireworks light up the Humber Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire
25,000 watched Hull's UK City of Culture opening fireworks display Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire
Stunning fireworks display launches Hull's City of Culture celebrations Credit: Danny Lawson/ PA Wire



Stunning sound & light show launches Hull's year as UK City of Culture

The UK City of Culture celebrations were launched this afternoon in the city centre, where films and animations were projected on to some of Hull's most famous landmarks, including the Maritime Museum, City Hall and Ferens Art Gallery.

The event, called Made In Hull was held at several locations around the Old Town.

We Are Hull by Zsolt Balogh with original soundtrack by Dan Jones, Queen Victoria Square for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty
We Are Hull by Zsolt Balogh with original soundtrack by Dan Jones, Queen Victoria Square for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty
Arrivals and Departures by imitating the dog The Deep for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty

This evening a crowd of 25,000 people will flock to the Marina and Victoria Pier to watch a massive fireworks display called In With A Bang.

Co-op to open new stores creating new jobs

Credit: Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

High Street giant, the Co-op is to invest £70 million in 100 new stores across the country including ones in East and South Yorkshire next year, creating 1,500 jobs.

The retail giant is to open stores in Beverley and Sheffield but said it will focus on opening stores in London and the South East, with five new sites in the capital before the end of March.

"The Co-op has a clear food strategy, which is to deliver a great and convenient shopping experience for millions of members and customers on a daily basis.

"As part of this strategy our acquisitions programme is fundamental to its success, and we are actively seeking new opportunities."

– Stuart Hookins, Co-op's Property Portfolio and Development Director

Yuletide home security

Homeowners are being urged to prevent burglaries by keeping property secure and valuable out of view over the festive season.

Don't let burglars ruin your Christmas

People leaving presents on view under Christmas trees, buying lots of new items and leaving homes unoccupied as they go out shopping or visiting friends and family can prove a tempting combination for criminals.

In order to tackle the issues Humberside Police will be targeting known offenders and carrying out both high visibility and undercover patrols of burglary hotspots.

“Burglary at any time is awful but at Christmas the distress caused can be even worse with homes feeling violated and plans for festive period being thrown into disarray.

"For this reason we are committed to the public in supporting you with policing activity to prevent and deter burglaries across the force, with proactive targeted patrolling, offering guidance to residents around improving the security of their homes and targeting offenders to ensure they are quickly brought to justice.

“But the key is preventing as many offences as possible by encouraging members of the public to keep their homes secure, avoiding placing presents or valuables in view to would be burglars and by reporting crime in progress to us on 999.”

– Det. Chief Inspector Jon Cross, Humberside Police

In December 2014*, 313 homes were targeted by burglars across the Humberside police force area. Some victims had their gifts stolen and festive plans ruined by opportunist offenders.

On Gifford Close, Hull last December an insecure home was targets by a opportunist thief. The unknown burglar spotted the slightly ajar rear ground floor window before entering the property and stealing a number of presents that were wrapped under the tree.

In another incident on Kettlewell Road, Grimsby last year offenders entered a unlocked flat and took 20 presents that had been left wrapped in the property.

“I don’t want to see similar incidents to these again this year and therefore I would urge everyone to do their bit by keeping their homes secure to keep thieves out and not leaving items that may tempt thieves on display.

"Together we can make it a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons.”

– Det. Chief Insp. Jon Cross. Humberside Police

Here are our top five tips for keeping you and your home safe over Christmas:

  1. Keep your home secure. A third of burglaries see thieves getting in through unlocked or open doors and windows.

  2. Store gifts out of sight until Christmas day.

  3. Be a good neighbour, report anything suspicious in your area to the police on 101.

  4. Make your home look occupied even when you’re out. Use timer-switches on your lights, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to close/open your curtains for you and use a plug-in timer for the radio to make it look and sound as if someone is at home.

  5. Remember to also keep your outbuildings as secure as possible. Use a decent lock and consider fitting an alarm.

For further advice on keeping yourself and property safe over the Christmas period visit Humberside Police's virtual on-line Yuletide Christmas Calendar.

Behind each window of the calendar you will find a Yuletide related Christmas video aimed at highlighting the work of the force, helping to keep you safe or simply bringing a smile to your face.

If you see people acting suspiciously in your community, if there is a burglary in progress or if you have details about those involved in criminality get in touch. This can be done using 999 in an emergency, 101 in a non-emergency or via Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

"A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas"

The UK's leading dog welfare charity , the Dogs Trust asks people to remember its famous slogan ‘A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas’ as the staff prepare for an influx of abandoned dogs over the Christmas period.

Carer Suzie Douglas is pictured with Tyson Credit: Dogs Trust

Unfortunately, the famous Dogs Trust slogan remains as relevant today as it was when it was first coined 38 years ago.

Time and again the charity sees a flurry of dogs abandoned over Christmas when the appeal of a cute puppy wears thin.

“There is no denying that we’re a nation of animal lovers, but sadly sometimes that love can blind people and they may rush into getting a dog, often without ample research or even rushing into a last minute online purchase.

"A dog can be such a rewarding addition to any family, but they do come with long-term responsibilities that will have a lasting impact on their new owner’s life.

“We are increasingly seeing more and more dogs abandoned over Christmas and this year, as always, we are reminding everyone that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, and, if you are thinking about getting a dog in 2017, to consider rehoming a rescue dog.”

– Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Manager

As well as providing round-the-clock care for new arrivals, the team at Dogs Trust rehoming centres will be spending their Christmas Day looking after the homeless hounds already at the centre, ensuring they can enjoy the Christmas festivities as much as everybody else.

Dogs Trust staff cleaning the rehoming centre Credit: Dogs Trust

“Although it is Christmas Day our dogs still need feeding, walking and cuddling, and the kennels need cleaning!

"We make it as fun as possible, and we do our best to spoil the dogs as it is their Christmas too.

"So from playing carols to decorating the kennels, we try to give everyone, two and four-legged, a jolly good time!”

– Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust

To find out more you can call the centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit them at Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL. You can also find out more at

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