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Middle-aged drinkers are 'risking their health'

Warning over 'pre-loading' Credit: PA

Researchers in Sheffield have found that middle-aged people are risking their health as much as young people when it comes to drinking before and after nights out.

The study discovered that on average people over the age of 35 were pre-loading, as it's known, 14 units of alcohol per occasion. That's about a bottle and a half of wine.

Hull City Council launches blitz on fly-tipping

Hull City Council is launching a blitz on fly-tipping. It has received more than 4,500 reports of illegal dumping in the past year, with almost 1,200 enforcement orders being handed out.

Bid to tackle rubbish problem

The growing problem has been blamed on funding cuts but now the council is to spend £30,000 on four temporary cleaning crews, set on to rid the city of the rubbish, and another £30,000 could also be spent on an awareness campaign.

The action, revealed in a report to appear before cabinet members setting out the council's plan to tackle the fly-tipping problem in Hull, comes as councillors look to "significantly improve" cleanliness across the city.

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