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Amazon announces new jobs in Doncaster

Doncaster will be one of eight towns across the country to get a boost from online retailer Amazon, which is set to expand its UK workforce by adding 1,000 full-time jobs over the coming months.

Amazon is set to expand its worksforce Credit: Press Association

The firm added that the permanent roles will start on an average of £7.39 per hour and earn up to £8.90 per hour after two years.

The US-based firm said it had invested over £1 billion at its UK operations and has created over 2,000 jobs in the last two years.

In January the retailer said it would begin Sunday deliveries to Leeds and six other UK cities.

Online retailer causes outrage selling Savile t-shirts

An online retailer has caused outrage by selling T-shirts of Jimmy Savile with sick slogans about child abuse.

An online retailer has caused outrage by selling T-shirts of Jimmy Savile with sick slogans about child abuse. Credit: RedBubble

The £21.15 clothing shows the grinning face of the paedophile monster next to deeply offensive messages. The grotesque shirts were discovered for sale on an online shop together with children's clothing where they are classed as 'art'.

They have horrified child abuse campaigners who called on the Redbubble website to immediately remove them.

It's truly disgusting that any human being could stoop that low and make money not only off him, but off his victims. They should stop selling them. They have a duty to the public, and if someone who has been abused sees this, it could have a devastating impact. What really makes me mad is that here we are, struggling for money to help his victims, and we have sick people cashing in on him. But these people selling them are just unbelievable, there's no other word for them.

– Pauline Carruthers, Hope victims' charity

Pauline's charity, based in Savile's self-confessed second home town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire was inundated with over 400 calls for help in the aftermath of the Savile revelations.

And, almost two years later, they are still struggling to secure the funding they need to help the victims.

Elsewhere on the internet a ghoulish trade in Savile memorabilia has sprung up since the abuse revelations came to light. Replica Savile shell-suits and Jim'll Fix It soap-on-a-ropes are among the goods on sale on eBay.

Souvenirs from Savile's funeral have also been sold with a badge and leaflet from the service selling for £51.

Redbubble, like other major websites from YouTube to Twitter which offer user generated content, reflects the content created by the Internet community. We don't arbitrarily censor this content but do apply our guidelines. We will ensure that the content on the site in relation to this situation complies with these guidelines.

Among other things these guidelines state: 'Work that glorifies or trivialises violence is not permitted. This includes graphic depictions of violence, works that trivialise violent acts, and work or behaviour where the intent of the artist is to incite hatred or violence.'

– Redbubble CEO Martin Hosking


Halifax parking fines to be refunded

Drivers who have been fined for parking on streets near Halifax town centre could have their fines refunded after it was found the orders for policing those areas cannot be legally enforced.

Halifax parking fines to be refunded Credit: Press Association

On-street parking charged in the town centre and in a new residents' scheme in Skircoat have been temporarily suspended by Calderdale Council.

The Council say drivers who have been wrongly fined can apply for a refund and they are looking at parking restrictions across the borough to ensure they are correct:

When we realised there was a problem we immediately stopped issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) in the affected areas. We are also switching off the parking meters in those streets so that they can no longer accept payments – we expect that this work will be completed by 8 October 2014.

The charges for on-street pay and display parking, and for some residents’ parking in these areas have now been temporarily suspended. As the old order was unenforceable, drivers who have received a PCN after parking in the affected streets will be able to request a refund. We will write directly to all affected residents in Skircoat.

We are now checking that the TROs which cover other areas of Calderdale are correct. We have started to review these but as they are very detailed, complex documents it will take several months for us to complete this assessment. As soon as we have more information we will make this public.

– Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Ian Gray

Humberside removed from Royal Mail database

Campaigners are celebrating after a long-running battle with Royal Mail to have 'Humberside' removed from use. The ceremonial county ceased to exist in 1996, but letters have continued to be postmarked with the term. 'Humberside' has been removed from Royal Mail's address database.

Royal Mail has removed Humberside from its database Credit: Press Association

Royal Mail can confirm that the technical change required to suppress the automatic reference to North and South Humberside as a Former Postal County on PAF products supplied to customers was implemented from July as part of a pilot scheme.

This now means that no Former Postal County details will be shown for all Postcodes previously tagged with a Humberside reference.

The actual change may take a little time to filter down through address lists as its implementation is dependent upon how frequently customers and businesses update their own data.

There may still be some instances where addresses may have North or South Humberside appearing due to organisations either not updating their databases or preferring to continue to use the locality which is beyond our control.

– Royal Mail spokesperson


Bradford residents must dial area code for local calls

From today residents in Bradford must dial the 01274 area code when making local calls.

There are no changes to the cost of local calls and if you forget to dial 01274 first then there is a free recorded message to remind you.

The industry regulator Ofcom is making the change to make sure there are enough phone numbers to go around. By including the area code in all local numbers, they can free up many more numbers.

For more information click here.

Yorkshire slaughter boss admits horsemeat charges

Peter Boddy Credit: Press Association

A West Yorkshire slaughterhouse boss has became the first person to plead guilty to criminal charges connected to the horsemeat scandal which rocked British supermarkets last year.

Peter Boddy, 65, admitted failing to comply with food traceability regulations which state the source of meat should be traceable from field to fork.

Boddy, who runs a slaughterhouse in Todmorden, admitted selling 50 horses for meat but failing to keep proper records to show who bought them.

There is no suggestion that buyers did not know they were purchasing horse meat.

Prosecutors said they did not know where the meat might have ended up.

Boddy's slaughterhouse in Todmorden Credit: Press Association

Wearing a beige jacket and blue shirt, Boddy stood in the dock at London's Southwark Crown Court and pleaded guilty to the single count.

David Moss, the slaughterhouse's manager, denied forging an invoice concerning the number of horses sold in a transaction.

Both men are also charged with failing to comply with food traceability requirements for more than 17 horse carcasses between July 2012 and February 2013.

But they did not enter pleas and intend to apply for the charge to be dismissed.

The pair will stand trial next year, at a date to be confirmed, at Southwark Crown Court.

Royal Mail launches Sunday opening

Royal Mail is launching a pilot of Sunday opening at around 100 of its delivery offices across the UK from today.

Royal Mail's network of around 1,400 delivery offices is currently open six days a week. The initiative will extend the opening of delivery offices with the highest parcels volumes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to seven days a week.

In addition, 1,600 Post Office branches are also now open on a Sunday.

Delivery offices taking part in the Sunday opening pilot include:

Birch Park Delivery Office YO30, YO31, YO32, YO41 & YO91

Grimsby Delivery Office DN31, DN32, DN33, DN34, DN35,

Halifax Delivery Office HX1, HX2, HX3, HX4, HX5 & HX6

Hull City Delivery Office HU1, HU2, HU3, HU5, HU8, HU9

Lincoln Delivery Office LN1, LN2, LN3 ,LN4, LN5 & LN6

Sheffield South East Delivery Office S12 & S13

Sheffield North Delivery Office

York Central Delivery Office YO1, YO10, YO19, YO23, YO24,

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