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New Hull water play area due to open

A new water play area at a park in east Hull is due to open to the public today

The construction of the £110,000 splash area in Alderman Kneeshaw Park was due to be completed yesterday and officials are hoping the park will be open to visitors from today.

The water play area will have computer-controlled water jets to provide variety and will be set alongside a raised and grassed area with a number of picnic benches.

Bitter-sweet victory for corn champ Scott

Corn-on-the-cob-consuming contestants have failed to break the sweetcorn eating world record despite their "valiant efforts" in the UK championships.

Tucking into a corn-on-the-cob Credit: ITV News

Scott Powell, 28, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, was crowned corn-eating champion after finishing 10 cobs in 12 minutes at the event at York Maze.

But he could not beat the world record of 46 ears of corn set by American Jammin' Joe LaRue in 2010.

"I'm delighted to win but after that I don't think I'll be eating corn-on-the-cob for a while.

"To be honest I prefer sweetcorn, I find corn on the cob gets stuck in your teeth. However I may well enter again next year."

– Scott Powell, corn-on-the-cob eating champ

"We saw some impressive corn action with a variety of techniques on display.

"However, despite some valiant efforts, it appears there was no danger of the world record being broken. American Jammin' Joe LaRue's record of 46 ears of corn set in 2010 still stands."

– Tom Pearcy, owner of York Maze


Morrisons launch more expensive "Milk for Farmers"

Supermarket Morrisons is to launch a new brand, "Morrisons Milk for Farmers" which will sell at 10p a litre more than usual, with the extra money being passed on to the crisis-hit dairy industry.

The Bradford-based chain has been one of the main targets for protesters from the farming industry who have stripped milk from the shelves before dumping the produce or giving it away for free.

Industry leaders met Morrisons bosses to try to tackle falling milk prices which, the National Farmers Union (NFU) says, will lead to dairy farmers being forced to leave the industry in the next few weeks as they struggle to pay bills and face rising debts.

"We will be launching a milk brand that allows customers to pay a little more if they want to support British farmers. Called Morrisons Milk for Farmers, this product will sell at a 10p per litre premium to the standard Morrisons milk price.

"All of that premium will go directly back to the farmers that supply our processor Arla. It will go into stores in the autumn and is aimed at shoppers who want to directly support dairy farmers ." "Consumers can choose whether they want to pay more to support British dairy.

– Morrisons Corporate Services Director, Martyn Jones

Crackdown on beggars at Sheffield rail station

Persistent beggars are being banned from Sheffield railway station in a new crackdown.

Beggars are banned from around Sheffield railway station Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The new initiative by British Transport Police and East Midland Trains means that banning notices are being issued to people who regularly beg and loiter around the city centre station.

Since the scheme was launched two vagrants have already been issued with notices banning them from the station environs.

Corrie favourite gets green fingers in support of allotments

If you were thinking about growing your own vegetables - but you don't have enough space - now couldn't be a better time, apparently as waiting lists for allotments are at an all-time low

Helen Steel visited one allotment in Huddersfield, where tenants have applied for a grant to grow more of their five-a-day.

And a famous face leant his support too:

Automatic planning permission for brown field sites

Leeds City Council has revealed there are currently planning approvals in place to build more than 17,000 homes, but more could be on the cards, built at a faster rate, if the Government's shake up of national planning guidelines gets the go ahead.

Houses being built Credit: ITV

The 'Fixing the Foundations’ package of national proposals aims to encourage more new homes by allowing developers automatic planning permission to build on suitable disused industrial ‘brownfield’ sites; they'll be enhanced compulsory purchase powers to allow more brownfield land to be made available for development; and the possibility of major housing projects to be fast-tracked.

But concerns have been raised by Leeds City Council, who need to provide permission for 70,000 new homes by 2028. They say they need to be sure a system's in place to prevent badly designed, unplanned environments, which are devoid of affordable accommodation.

It’s not just about saying which sites are suitable for housing, but getting other factors such as highways, design and affordable housing right before development takes place. There is a risk with the government’s proposals for ‘streamlining’ planning that you lose some of the detail that matters most to people.

– Councillor Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council


World's biggest liners could be heading for Hull

Some of the world's biggest cruise-liners could soon be heading to Yorkshire after plans for a new cruise terminal took a big step forward. Hull City Council has backed plans that would see a new berth for the liners created on the Humber, close to the city centre, creating hundreds of jobs and bringing millions of pounds of tourists' cash to the area. But there is concern from some living near the waterfront that the area is not suitable as James Webster reports.

A wee problem in Sherburn-in-Elmet

Campaigners trying to save a public toilet in North Yorkshire, have vowed to fight on, even though work to demolish it has begun.

Selby council say removing the old block in Sherburn in Elmet will improve the look and feel of the village and say it has the support of the local parish council.

But protest leader Malcoln Dowson claims the facilities, which have stood for over 100 years, are much needed because the population is growing and the toilets should be refurbished.

Food banks feed equivalent to Dewsbury's population in last year

New figures from the Trussell Trust have shown that over 60,000 people in the Calendar region have relied on food banks in the last year.

The equivalent to the population of Dewsbury have used food banks in the last year Credit: Press Association

60,186 people received three days' emergency food from the charity's food banks the equivalent of feeding the population of Dewsbury for three days.

The charity has 450 food banks nationwide, which are run in partnership with churches and communities.

Last year the UK public donated 10,280 tonnes of food.

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