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Ducklings and moorhens killed in farm theft

Thieves who forced open vending machines at a farm in Hornsea then threw the broken containers into a pond, kiling a number of ducklings and moorhens.

It happened at Honeysuckle Farm, on Bewholme Lane between 7pm and 7am on May 15th.

The thieves stole money from the vending machines for fish food by the side of the pond, before throwing both the containers and stones into the water, killing the birds.

Anyone with information about the incident are urged to call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


North Yorkshire Police tackle allotment crime

North Yorkshire Police will be giving crime and fire prevention advice to allotment holders in York today. It's part of the ongoing York Allotments Against Crime campaign to raise awareness of security issues.

Officers will be on hand to security mark allotment tools and property, so that if items are stolen they can be returned more quickly. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service will also be present at larger allotment sites to offer fire safety advice and undertake fire prevention health checks.

Marking your property is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from being a victim of crime, and last year’s tool marking events in York were a great success.

When a criminal spots the permanent unique number on one of the thousands of items we have already marked, they will know straight away that it is too hot to handle. If the worst happened and something was stolen, marked property is far harder to sell on, and we are much more likely to be able to return it to you if we recover it.

We’re really pleased to be working closely with our colleagues at City of York Council and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, as well as local residents themselves, to help make people and property in York even safer.

– Inspector Lee Pointon
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