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Centrica in £63m investment to secure South Humber power station until 2027

Energy giant Centrica is to invest £63 million in a power station which will secure the site's future up to 2027.

The gas-fired South Humber station, which has been part-mothballed since earlier this year, will return to full service in 2017.

This upgrade allows us to secure the future of this important power station for at least another decade.

We were pleased to see the Government's announcements last week signalling the important role that power stations like South Humber Bank will continue to play for UK security of supply and look forward to hearing more about their plans to support investment in the sector.

The market for gas-fired generation continues to be challenging but, with the right policy landscape, we are confident it can improve.

– Jorge Pikunic, managing director of Centrica's distributed energy and power business

The power station, which was built in two phases from 1994, is capable of producing enough electricity to meet the needs of over one million homes -nearly half the homes in Yorkshire and the Humber.

In its strategic review in July, Centrica said it would invest to maintain and improve its gas-fired generation fleet where economics allowed.

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Police chiefs 'delighted' budgets won't be cut

The National Police Chiefs' Council, which represents the UK's chief police officers, says it is 'delighted' following the Chancellor's announcement ruling out any cuts in police budgets in England and Wales.


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Chancellor to outline plans to build 400,000 new homes

The measures will include building 200,000 new starter homes. Credit: PA

The Chancellor is expected to outline plans to build 400,000 new homes in England during his Autumn Statement on Wednesday.

George Osborne will pledge to "turn generation rent into generation buy" through the largest affordable housebuilding programme in more than 30 years.

The measures will include 200,000 new starter homes with a 20% discount for first-time buyers under 40 and 135,000 Help to Buy shared ownership homes.

The Government will also help create 10,000 homes that will be available to rent at around 20% below the market rent to allow tenants to save for a deposit, as well as 8,000 specialist homes for older residents and people with disabilities.

Mr Osborne is expected to say: "In the end, spending reviews like this come down to choices about what your priorities are. And I am clear: in this Spending Review, we choose housing. Above all, we choose homes that people can buy."

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Tax credit changes to be scrapped

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that planned changes to tax credits will be scrapped.

I’ve had representations that these changes to tax credits should be phased in. I’ve listened to the concerns. I hear and understand them.

And because I’ve been able to announce today an improvement in the public finances, the simplest thing to do is not to phase these changes in, but to avoid them altogether.

Tax credits are being phased out anyway as we introduce universal credit. What that means is that the tax credit taper rate and thresholds remain unchanged.

– George Osborne


Police chief: under-threat support officers are our 'eyes and ears'

West Yorkshire Police Force has had to shed 2,000 officers and staff due to budget cuts over recent years.

The temporary assistant Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, Angela Williams, fears the Chancellors spending review will mean the further loss of officers and Police Community Support Officers - who she says are invaluable in the fight against terrorism and the force's "eyes and ears" on the ground

Autumn Statement and Spending Review

Chanceller George Osborne

The Chancellor will present his Autumn Statement and Spending Review to the House of Commons later today.

George Osborne is expected to outline plans to build 400,000 new homes in England as well as billions of pounds of cuts .

A wide range of issues will be covered in the mini-budget, including pensions, housing and defence. And a key part of Mr Osborne's speech will be how he intends to push on with plans to reform tax credits.

Food bank usage on the rise

A food bank charity says it has given out more emergency food in Yorkshire in the last six months than it did in the same period last year.

Credit: Press Association

The Trussell Trust say between April and September 2015, they gave 30,066 three days food supplies to people in crisis, compared to 27,758 during the same period in 2014

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