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Average family loses £700 a year on food wastage

The average UK family loses around £700 every year on food wastage, according to new research.

Press Association Credit: Press Association

The survey conducted by Approved Foods found that 1 in 4 were wasting food that was safe to eat.

It was also found that people were under the impression that food approaching or on its 'best before' date were too risky to eat.

The wastage was largely down to confusion regarding food labelling and what it actually stands for.

Best Before

The 'Best Before' is more about quality rather than safety, if the food passes this date it isn't harmful but may lose its flavour and texture.

Use By

This label would appear on food which would go off quickly, this includes smoked fish, meat products and read-prepared salads. Using food after this date could be a health risk.

Sell By

This would be an instruction for staff at the store rather than shoppers and instructs them when to remove an item from a shelf.


£5.5 million funding announced to restore Elland Bridge

The Government has announced £5.5 million of funding for the restoration of the Elland Bridge and the construction of a temporary footbridge to serve the community while work is ongoing.

The new funding will enable Calderdale Council to rebuild the listed bridge following structural assessments that have been undertaken by specialist engineers and construct a temporary crossing needed to reconnect the local community.

The money is in addition to £3.3 million provided by the government to repair Tadcaster Bridge in North Yorkshire and build a temporary footbridge, announced by Robert Goodwill last week.

We are determined to help the hardworking families and businesses of Yorkshire get back on their feet as soon as possible after these devastating floods. A good local transport system is the lifeblood of the region, and key to a thriving economy.

I am pleased to announce that we are providing a further £5.5 million to restore this important crossing and construct the temporary footbridge. This is an important step in keeping the recovery effort on track in Yorkshire and illustrates how the government is standing shoulder to shoulder with the hard working Elland community as they recover from the floods.

– Robert Goodwill MP, Flood Envoy


Thousands of householders cut back on heating to pay rent

Around 600,000 people in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire are cutting back on winter essentials to pay their rent or mortgage.

Research reveals a quarter of rent or mortgage payers are cutting back on heating to meet housing payments Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Research by housing and homelessness charity Shelter reveals a quarter of rent or mortgage payers in the region are cutting back on heating and clothing to meet their housing payments.

Miners memorial at Big K is dismantled

A memorial to miners who lost their lives working at Kellingley Colliery has been dismantled at the pit this morning.

Miners memorial at Kellingley Colliery is dismantled Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The bronze sculpture in memory of the 17 miners will be rebuilt at the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield next year.

It comes as the final trains ferried coal from the pit to Drax Power Station following the end of production last Friday.

Government failed to notice steel 'warning bells'

National steel protest in Sheffield

The Government was not alert enough to the warning bells sounded by the UK steel industry, says the Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Committee in a report published today.

The BIS Committee found that while the Government identified the steel industry as of vital importance, it did not have effective warning systems in place to detect and address mounting problems in the industry.

The Committee also found that a lack of action at EU level, and a failure by UK Governments to push for EU action, helped leave the UK heavily exposed to Chinese dumping, a global oversupply of steel, and a 'perfect storm' of difficulties for the industry.

More than 1,500 steel jobs are under threat in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire alone.

In recent months, a series of site closures and job losses at sites including in Redcar, Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire, have dealt a major blow to the UK Steel industry. The steel industry is now on the verge of terminal decline. For too long the Government failed to be alert to the alarms raised by the industry and act at home to maintain a steel industry in the UK when other European countries were acting to safeguard their own strategic steel industries.

The industry isn't looking for a hand-out, it's looking for a level-playing field: for too long there was little action from the Government, with some asks from the industry taking years, if at all, to deliver.

The Government have now woken up to the steel crisis and have begun to take action. But this recent activity still needs to translate to concrete results for the industry and the communities they sustain.

– Iain Wright MP, BIS Committee chair
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