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EU Ref: Polish couple arrive in Yorkshire

In the latest in our Road to Referendum series - Michael Billington has travelled with Polish workers moving to Yorkshire.

Today, as they start their search for work, we look at one of the most fundamental issues facing voters next month: The immigration question.

Click below to watch Michael Billington's report:

EU Ref: Polish couple head for Yorkshire

The issue of control over our own borders is seen as one of the biggest deciding factors for people voting in the EU referendum.

Latest figures revealed net migration to the UK increased to the second highest level on record, sparking a war of words between rival campaigns. Boris Johnson said staying in the union would be like "kissing good-bye to control of immigration". But Immigration Minister James Brokenshire warned quitting the EU would not provide the "silver bullet" that leave campaigners claimed.

So who are the people behind the statistics? Michael Billington has been to Poland - to meet one couple moving to Yorkshire - in the search for work.

Tomorrow night on Calendar - as Dariusz and Paulina touch down in Yorkshire - we find out why immigration has become such a fundamental issue for voters - when they go to the polls on June the 23rd.


Hull to get extra £3 million for UK City of Culture year

Funding announced at breakfast gathering

Hull is to get an extra £3 million to spend on it's year as UK City of Culture.

The money, which will come from the Heritage Lottery Fund, was announced at a breakfast gathering in Hull called to launch a series of events in the city this summer.

Martin Green, the man in charge of the city's cultural celebrations says it will mean a boost for local libraries.

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'All British Tata Steel bid' between Excalibur Steel UK and Liberty House 'completely untrue'

Credit: PA

A deal between Excalibur Steel UK and Liberty House to buy the Tata Steel UK operation is "completely untrue", ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills has been told.

The "all-British bid" between the two companies was thought to have been to allow Excalibur access to what one source describes as "the deep pockets" of Liberty House, while in turn they would benefit from working closely with the team who have been seen as the front-runners from the outset of the sales process.

The rumour had emerged ahead of the planned Tata board meeting in Mumbai this week to whittle down the seven bids for the ailing steel operation.

The sale includes the huge Port Talbot plant and 15,000 jobs across the UK.

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A new "lifetime ISA" will be introduced for people under 40

Mr. Osborne delivering the budget for 2016 Credit: PA

A new "lifetime ISA" will be introduced for people under 40, the Chancellor announced.

From April 2017, people can use them to save up to £4,000 each year until they are 50.

Mr Osborne said that for every £4 people save, the Goverment will give them £1.

The ISA limit will also rise from £15,000 to £20,000.


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Tax-free personal allowance raised to £11,500

The tax-free personal allowance is being raised to £11,500 with the Chancellor declaring 31 million people will be paying less tax and 1.3m of the lowest paid taken out of tax altogether.

Mr Osborne also announced the higher rate threshold will rise from £42,385 to £45,000 from April next year, taking more than half a million people "who should never have been paying the higher rate out of that higher tax band altogether".

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New sugar levy on the soft drinks industry announced

A new sugar levy on the soft drinks industry will be introduced, the Chancellor said.

It will be introduced in two years time to ensure companies reduce the sugar content of drinks and promote low sugar brands.

He said it was a "perfectly reasonable step" to protect children's health.

"Money from this new [sugar] levy will be used to double the funding we dedicate to sport in every primary school," Mr Osborne said.

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