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Quit cigarettes .... and save yourself a packet

Ditch - or switch - the cigarettes

It's No Smoking Day and smokers in Hull are being encouraged to "ditch or switch' - with the advice that quitting 10 cigarettes a day could save them more than £1,200 per year.

Hull has the highest rate of smoking in England, with about 30 per cent of adults smoking, despite the constant rise in the cost of cigarettes.

Now, as another tobacco tax rise looms on Budget Day, advisers from Smokefree Hull are urging smokers to quit or swap to less harmful and lower cost e-cigarettes.

Barnsley aims to shed 'fattest town' title

Promoting healthy living

A scheme in Barnsley is aiming to tackle childhood obesity and improve fitness among young people.

Ten years ago, images of parents pushing takeaway food through school railings triggered a national campaign to tackle obesity among children.

It put South Yorkshire's unhealthy habits in the spotlight, with Barnsley later named the 'fattest' place in the country - a title it still holds almost a decade later.

But now the council is pushing for every child to walk or run a mile a day - in the hope that it will promote healthy habits long into the future. Hannah Miller went to see what children at Churchfield Primary think of the idea.


Living with dyspraxia: see life from Joe's point of view

At least one child in every classroom in our region may be struggling with dyspraxia … a condition that makes them appear clumsy, or slow, although in fact they're as bright as anyone.

Now a young man from Leeds - who had a tough time at school because of the condition - is determined to smooth the way for other children. With the help of Fixers- the campaign that gives young people a voice - he made a film showing life from his point of view.

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