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Hull school pupils stand up during lessons in health initiative

Pupils at a school in Hull are being encouraged to stand up during lessons in a bid to improve their health.

Alex Sherwood, games organiser at Sirius Academy, and headteacher John Sherwood launched the Hull Schools Stand Up initiative in response to research showing young people spend too much time being sedentary.

Students have welcomed the idea, which could be followed by other schools in the area.


Lucy and Trip Hazard's BGT hopes rest on 'wild card'

Lucy Heath's dreams of winning Britain's Got Talent have been all but dashed when she and her dog Trip Hazard failed to get voted through to the finals.

Lucy, from Billngborough in South Lincolnshire, was hoping the double act would become another canine winner of the competition but they failed to get through tonight's semi-finals. Their only hope now is that they make it to the final on Saturday on a 'wild card'.

Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard


Yorkshire pupils at a disadvantage due to unfair funding, claims new report

Unfair school funding is putting thousands of children in Yorkshire and the Humber at a disadvantage, according to a new report.

Pupils in the north receive on average £900 less that those in London Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Primary schools in the north of England receive on average £900 less per pupil than those in London. The study recommends money should be redistributed to tackle the north-south educational divide.

Teaching children how ...... to drive a car

A new programme aims to teach children how to drive a car before they are even allowed to apply for a provisional licence.

Special courses are being held for 11 to 17 year olds, offering advice on how to spot a hazard, approach a roundabout and even park.

The people behind it say it can reduce accidents - but the Yorkshire based road safety group BRAKE think it's wrongly encouraging teenagers to drive as soon as they legally can. Here's Matt Price.

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