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Ukip leader Paul Nuttall resigns

Paul Nuttall has resigned as Ukip leader after his party failed to gain a single seat in Westminster.

The Ukip leader only managed to gain third place in Boston and Skegness as he failed to take the constituency which had the highest Leave vote in the EU Referendum.

He said: "I'm standing down today as the leader of UKIP with immediate effect. This will allow the party to have a new leader in place by the conference in September."

Watch live ITV News election coverage here.

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Ed Balls: There will be a second election soon

If an exit poll which suggests the Conservatives have not won an overall majority is correct then "there will be another election soon", says Ed Balls.

The ex-Labour shadow Chancellor told ITV News that because the Liberals, Labour and the SNP have ruled out any coalitions with the Tories, we will not be in "coalition territory".

Mr Balls said: "We're going to be in a very, very unstable hung parliament, if this is correct there will be a second election soon".


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'Catastrophic night as country enters uncertain period'

George Osborne has said a hung parliament represents a "catastrophic night for her and... the Conservatives."

Speaking to ITV News, he said Theresa May will "probably become one of the shortest serving Prime Minister's in our history."

Lamenting Labour's inability to seize Government, Ed Balls added: "At the end of the day we are going to end up still with a Conservative Government.

"That is something which I think for Labour's supporters will still be frustrating and for people who depend upon public services still a challenge and a threat.

"The most important thing is we are now entering a very, very uncertain period."

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