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Eeh bah gum ..... its the Yorkshire Haka

Anyone who has ever watched an international Rugby Union match involving New Zealand will know the long-held tradition of the Haka - the Maori war cry and dance performed in front of the opposition before kick off.

Now it's been given a Yorkshire twist by fans who followed the recent Lions Rugby tour to New Zealand. And a video of their special take on the Kiwi custom has now taken the internet by storm. Chris Kiddey reports.



Soap fans vent anger as football pushes Emmerdale and Coronation Street out of schedules

Emmerdale usually screens five days a week on ITV Credit: ITV

Soap fans have been venting there anger after it emerged two of their favourite programmes will have episodes rescheduled to make way for football coverage.

Both the Yorkshire-based soap Emmerdale and Coronation Street and have been removed from the schedules during the next week so ITV can show the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup from Russia.

The usual Wednesday and Thursday episodes of Emmerdale have been moved as has Wednesday's episode of Coronation Street.

Regular viewers of the soaps were angry at the change to their expected episodes with one viewer wondering why FIFA couldn't take Emmerdale's scheduling into account.

Others have vented their frustration online that they will have to wait longer to catch up with storylines.

One fan shared their outrage that the tournament was not worthy of ousting the soaps.

However, some people couldn't see what the fuss was about as they would not have tuned in either way.

ITV has already scheduled extra episodes of Emmerdale with an extra half-hour added to Tuesday's episodes this week and next week and extra instalments of Coronation Street are expected to be scheduled as well.

Emmerdale's Pierce Harris and Rhona Goskirk on their wedding day Credit: ITV

Emmerdale, which will screen this coming week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday is currently dealing with the aftermath of Rhona Goskirk (played by Zoe Henry) splitting from her abusive husband Pierce Harris (played by Jonathan Wrather).

Coronation Street, which will air on Monday and Friday this coming week, is focussing on the abusive relationship between Bethany Platt (played by Lucy Fallon) and her older fiance Nathan Curtis (played by Chris Harper) which has seen the teen taken advantage of by Nathan's sinister friends and cut off from her family.

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