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Report sheds light on scale of Savile abuse

Reports published today shed new light on the scale of Jimmy Savile's abuse and the ease with which he targeted vulnerable victims at hospitals across the country.

At one of them, Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, ten people told authorities how Savile had assaulted them, yet each of their complaints was ignored. It was just one instance of how Savile's celebrity status allowed him to carry on his reign of abuse over four decades.

You may find some of the details in David Hirst's report upsetting:

On Calendar we spoke to Peter Saunders, who is the founder of the support charity the National Association of People Abused as Children:

Humber NHS Trust chief confirms fresh Savile investigation

The chief executive of Humber NHS Foundation Trust has confirmed that the authority has launched a fresh investigation into the conduct of disgraced TV personality Jimmy Savile.

The investigation focuses on a period of time in the 1970s and is being carried out in light of fresh information that has come to light.

We will continue to thoroughly investigate the allegations into the activity of Savile on our premises, as we would any serious incident, with oversight via statutory local safeguarding arrangements. The Savile Legacy Unit has supported the establishment of our investigation process.

It is important that the investigation is thorough and robust. The report will be published once the investigation is completed.

– David Hill, Chief Executive of Humber NHS Foundation Trust

New probes are also being carried out at Mersey Care and Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust in London.


Savile was a 'frequent' visitor to Rampton Hospital, say reports

Jimmy Savile had frequent access to high security Rampton Hospital during the 1970s and 1980s, according to the new reports.

He is said to have behaved inappropriately on four occasions, including moving his hand to one person's "nether region" and tickling his hand.

Savile went on trips to Scarborough by bus and train with patients and staff from the Nottinghamshire hospital in 1971 and 1972, investigators found, but there was no evidence about whether his presence was appropriate so they would not speculate on the issue.

Savile was a "'frequent" visitor to the hospital estate in the early 1970s, and entered the secure area on a number of occasions.<

The report said: "One current member of staff told us that, as a student nurse, he was in the recreation hall, within the secure area of the hospital, at a patient disco in the early 1970s. This was a supervised event at which JS (Savile) was present. This current member of staff went on to say that JS jumped from the stage, took his hand and kissed it. This member of staff reported that he was highly embarrassed by this unwanted action."

One person interviewed claimed to have seen Savile inside the hospital twice in a two-week period in either 1985 or 1986. "Whilst this person did not see JS with hospital security keys, he did not see him being supervised either."

Investigators said they received consistent reports that Savile generally visited the hospital estate in a motor home.

They found a photograph from about 1970 of Savile in the motor home at the hospital entrance building with eight children and two staff close by.

"One person we interviewed said that JS would drive around the hospital estate in his motor home whilst sounding a distinctive horn and that children would gather and follow behind. This person disclosed to us that JS beckoned him into a staff house, sat him on his knee and was sexually inappropriate by moving his hand to the individual's 'nether region' and also tickled his hand."

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Hunt promises 'swift' NHS action after Savile report

Jeremy Hunt says he will ensure "swift action" is taken in the NHS to prevent future abuses of patients akin to those carried out by Jimmy Savile.

The Health Secretary said he accepted in principal recommendations of Kate Lampard's report into the lessons learned by the Savile case.

Those included new rules on access, volunteering, safeguarding patients, dealing with complaints and governance.

He said NHS Trusts should develop policies on dealing with celebrity visitors, as was also recommended in the report.

However, he said he would not accept the recommendation that all volunteers should be made to go through enhanced checks, saying the report stated that this "may not in itself have stopped Savile".

Jeremy Hunt: What happened was horrific

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has addressed the Commons after reports were released today of abuse carried out by disgraced TV personality Jimmy Savile.

Jeremy Hunt: What happened was horrific

Mr Hunt reiterated the Government's apology from last year saying "what happened was horrific" and admitting that some people who had trusted authorities to protect them were let down.

"People were either too dazzled or too intimated by the nation's favourite celebrity to confront the evil predator that he was."

Yorkshire trusts publish Savile reports

Three other NHS trusts in Yorkshire published reports on Savile's activities today.

Yorkshire trusts publish Savile reports Credit: Press Association

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said it had examined a claim from a former student nurse about an incident during a placement in a Mencap nursery in Leeds between July 1981 and July 1982.

She said was told by the nursery "not to let Savile near the children". The investigators decided that "any reference to Savile was a nuisance to residents in the area he lived, rather than a threat to children."

The trust said today: "The investigation concluded that any possible comment made by the tutor to keep Savile away from the children at the Mencap nursery would have been made in order to protect them and the staff from the nuisance and intrusive nature of Savile's behaviour. It would not have been made with any knowledge that Savile posed a risk to them in terms of abuse."

Another allegation came from a former patient in the Royal Halifax Infirmary during the mid 1970s.

Julie Dawes, deputy chief executive and director of nursing at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) said the trust has thoroughly investigated the allegations and has been unable to find any evidence of Savile having any link to the Royal Halifax Infirmary at that time.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service looked at Savile's involvement with the former West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, mainly between 1975 and 1995.

Steve Page, executive director for Standards and Compliance at Yorkshire Ambulance Service said, "Our investigation has found no evidence that Savile had committed any acts of sexual abuse during his association with us and our predecessor organisations.

"We recognise that it was entirely inappropriate for Savile to have had the access to ambulance service staff and patients that he did. It is regrettable that this level of access was available to him and we recognise the potential increased risk to patients and staff during this time."


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Savile brother 'sexually abused women at a hospital'

Jimmy Savile's brother was likely also a serial sex abuser at a London hospital, a report today has claimed.

Johnny Savile, the entertainer's older brother who died in 1998, was accused of molesting and possibly raping women at Springfield Hospital in south London, the report said.

The claims were made between five women between 1978 and 1980, and related to his time as a recreation officer at the hospital in the 1970s - with the last two culminating with him being sacked for gross misconduct of a sexual nature in 1980

The allegations were uncovered by officers involved in Operation Yewtree.

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Savile's abuse campaign 'could have been stopped'

A report into Savile's abuse at Stoke Mandeville hospital has been published today. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Jimmy Savile's decades of sexual abuse across the country could have been brought to a halt if a formal complaint had been properly dealt with, the author of a report into his behaviour at Stoke Mandeville hospital has said.

Dr Androulla Johnstone told a press conference that had the complaint, which was later dropped, been "managed properly", the entertainer "would probably have been apprehended at that point".

She added that the officials made aware of Savile's abuse had "failed in their duty to protect".

Dr Johnstone said around a third of his attacks were made against patients, 10 of whom were under the age of 12. They ranged from inappropriate touching to rape.

Savile report hears from three victims of abuse at LGI

A report into abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile at Leeds General Infirmary has documented evidence from three victims and two witnesses.

Savile report hears from three victims of abuse at LGI Credit: Press Association

One victim, a 14-year-old boy referred to as KM, waiting for an X-ray described how the television personality approached him as he sat alone in a wheelchair. The boy then said Savile inappropriately touched him.

Another man referred to as WL, who was aged 29 when he was abused in 1988, described how he was approached by Savile who was dressed in what appeared to be medical uniform. Savile is reported to have chatted to WL before touching him and leaving. WL described feeling too embarrassed to report the incident to staff.

Another survivor of Savile's abuse was a student nurse, LV, in the early eighties, who said Savile grabbed her from behind as she was reaching into a cupboard. LV told investigators that she did not report the incident as she was worried about jeopardising her career.

A witness, TB, who was interviewed by investigators reported being sent to the mortuary, but was warned to "come back if the pink haired man is there". TB said she was confident the man in question was Jimmy Savile.

Another witness, XL, reported hearing rumours about Savile from a hospital porter in the mid seventies. He described going to pick up a patient for x-ray and entered the room as Savile quickly removed his hand from under the patient's blanket. The witness did not personally see any abuse taking place.

Clarke Carlisle announces 'full launch' of charity in three months

Former footballer Clarke Carlisle has tweeted that his new mental health awareness charity will be launched in three months.

The ex-Leeds and York City footballer also thanked everyone for their messages of support from The Clarke Carlisle Foundation for Dual Diagnosis' new Twitter account.

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