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Anti-bullying campaigner: Get evidence and report the bully

The boss of an anti-bullying campaign says anyone affected by bullying should get evidence and report it.

Tesse Ojo urged parents to resist the urge to confront bullies, as this could inflame the situation, but instead speak to the target of the bullying to find out how they want it tackled.

She spoke about the case of Matthew Jones, who took his own life after being bullied, and said it is something the Diana Award sees too often.

Tesse spoke to John Shires and Christine Talbot:


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Bullying survivor: 'Never suffer in silence'

A teenager who was bullied to the point where she tried to take her own life, says victims must always speak out.

Amy Moloney, 15 and from Leyland, spoke to ITV as part of our Stop Bullying campaign. She accepts that telling someone what has happened is the "hardest part," but she believes it is the key to tackling bullies.


12-year-old battling kidney disease set to meet NHS bosses

The family of a girl from Wakefield who's been denied a potentially life-saving drug will meet NHS bosses later today.

Abi Longfellow has been battling the illness for two years Credit: ITV News

Abi Longfellow's kidney condition is too rare for the NHS to routinely pay the £136,000 a year bill the drug manufacturer is demanding, but not rare enough to be funded as an 'exceptional case.'

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