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New car smoking ban to protect children

A change in the law will help to protect children from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke - and go some way to saving the NHS thousands of pounds a year.

From tomorrow it will be against the law to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18. It follows a campaign led by a teenager who put together a petition calling for the government to introduce the ban. The move has been widely praised by health professionals - but one smokers' rights group says it is a step too far. Matt Price reports.


Shocking scale of domestic abuse revealed

The shocking scale of domestic abuse in Lincolnshire has been revealed at a conference, where delegates heard that police responded to 10,000 call outs last year.

Safeguarding professionals met in Lincoln to discuss what more can be done to tackle the problem and help those affected. A number of victims have also been speaking out, including a man who suffered serious domestic abuse. WARNING: you may find some of the details and pictures in Kate Hemingway's report distressing from the start.

Ambulance concern over patient handover waits

Service has written to trust

East Midlands Ambulance Service has written to NHS trusts across the region claiming that hospital handovers are having a major impact on the service it provides.

Scunthorpe General and Boston Pilgrim hospitals are among those who have received the letter, which says the ambulance service has lost more than 5,000 hours as a result of having to wait more than the recommended time to hand over patients.

The hospitals say they are working to improve the handover process, and that patients who need emergency treatment are always brought in straight away. Here's Richard Henderson from the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Claims that cancer vaccine caused girl's ill health

A mother from Grantham says a vaccine designed to prevent her daughter getting cervical cancer has led to the teenager developing a neurological condition.

The HPV - or Human Papilloma virus - vaccine is given to girls when they are in year eight at school. The NHS says it saves hundreds of lives each year. Georgina Howdie had the injection when she was 12. Since then, her mother says her health has deteriorated, something she puts down to the vaccine. Adam Fowler has been to meet her.

Diarrhoea and vomiting outbreak shuts Scunthorpe hospital ward

One ward has been closed at Scunthorpe General Hospital due to an outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting.

Ward 2 is closed at Scunthorpe General Hospital Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Visitors who have been suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting are urged not to come to the hospital until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.

Staff are being advised not to come to work if they have symptoms and to stay off for 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped, as they will be infectious to others during this period.

There's no specific cure for the illness, which is usually mild and should not last more than a couple of days.

Patients from the ward will not be discharged to nursing or residential homes while they remain an infection risk and we have closed the ward to new admissions. The infection prevention and control team is reviewing the situation daily and regular and frequent disinfection is being carried out on the ward to contain the outbreak. This type of illness does come into the hospital from time to time, as in other hospitals across the country, and that is why we have a robust infection control policy in place to deal with such eventualities. This illness lasts about 24 hours and, although unpleasant, very rarely causes serious medical problems.

– Dr Peter Cowling, Trust consultant microbiologist

If you have symptoms of diarrhoea and/or vomiting you should follow this advice:

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Take paracetamol for any fever or aches and pains
  • If you feel like eating, eat foods that are easy to digest
  • Stay at home – don't go to see your GP because diarrhoea and vomiting is contagious and there's nothing your GP can do while you have it


Watchdog orders York psychiatric hospital to close

One of the region's psychiatric hospitals is to be shut down almost immediately after health inspectors found the building in such a bad state of repair that part of the ceiling reportedly fell on them.

Boothpark Hospital in York Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The team from the watchdog the Care Quality Commission found patients at Bootham Park Hospital in York were at "significant risk of harm."

They have ordered the hospital to close next Wednesday but it could mean patients have to be treated elsewhere in the country because of a shortage of beds in the area.

The 18th century hospital had originally been deemed unsafe following an inspection in 2014 when recommendations for improvements were made. But inspectors found the required improvements had not been carried out.

I know this will be of great concern to many people. Our priority in the coming days and weeks is to ensure there are good quality safe services in place for patients and that patient safety is not compromised by the CQC's decision."

– Chris Butler, Chief Exec, Leeds & York NHS Foundation Trust

Revolutionary new cancer drug developed in Leeds

A revolutionary new cancer drug designed by researchers in Leeds could change the way the disease is treated.

What makes it different is this drug doesn't require chemotherapy - it's an oral drug which has today been licenced for the NHS by NICE - the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

The treatment, for leukaemia patients, could pave the way for a new methods of tackling the condition, as Victoria Whittam reports.

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