Jamie's lasting legacy

A little boy from York who lost his battle with cancer has left a huge legacy.

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Medical training team gear up to show off their system in Chicago

One of the training team at Hull Royal Infirmary is getting ready to travel to Chicago to show off their system of simulated emergencies with a range of hi-tech dummies. Stuart Riby hopes they can share some of what they have learned with colleagues from around the world as well as pick up new ideas as well:


Trainee doctor: Simulation really gets the adrenaline surging

The trainee doctor who was put through his paces reacting to a mock cardiac arrest with one of Hull Royal Infirmary's range of hi-tech dummies says it really gets the adrenaline surging. Alan Gopal has been demonstrating the purpose-built clinical skills department which will be shown off at a health conference in Chicago next week:

Hull's hi-tech medical dummies to be shown off in Chicago

The team that use a series of hi-tech medical dummies in Hull to train new doctors and nurses is sending one of its technicians to speak at a major health conference in Chicago to show off its innovative use of technology.

Trainee doctor treats dummy patient
A trainee doctor treats a dummy patient who has had a heart attack Credit: ITV News Calendar

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has several fake 'patients' who can be programmed to demonstrate a range of medical problems in real time. Medics can then use them to rehearse what they would do in a real emergency.

"We are really fortunate here in Hull to have some of the best simulation and medical education facilities going. In many areas, we're leading the way nationally, and this is really beneficial when it comes to training our doctors and nurses of the future. I'm honoured to have been invited to speak at the conference, and hope that in doing so, I can share some of the best practice we've been developing locally, bring some innovative best practice back from other countries, and really help to put Hull on the map."

– Stuart Riby, Medical Simulation Technician


Eid gifts presented to children in Leeds hospital

Children at Leeds Children's Heart Surgery Unit got a pleasant surprise this week when gifts were handed out across the ward.

Muslims celebrating Eid donated around £3,000 worth of presents to help raise spirits among the patients.

Adil Hussain told ITV Calendar that after the fasting of Ramadan it is tradition to think of those in need of help:

NHS defends decision not to fund cannabis drug

The commissioning group which refused to fund a patient's cannabis-based drug says there is a lack of evidence about the benefits of the drug.

NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove Clinical Commissioning Group said the Worcestershire Area Prescribing Committee had considered the evidence relating to Sativex for use of the treatment and the cost-effectiveness for patients.

On consideration, the Area Prescribing Committee did not consider it suitable for NHS funding due to limitations in clinical trial data and a lack of evidence of value for money for use of NHS funds.

Therefore Sativex is not recommended for use within Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups.

If new evidence becomes available, local clinicians may make a resubmission for consideration to the Worcestershire Area Prescribing Committee citing details of the new information available.


All the commissioning groups in the Calendar region have also refused to fund the drug.

Charity backs campaign to end cannabis drug "postcode lottery"

A charity which supports people with Multiple Sclerosis is backing a patient who claims funding for a cannabis-based drug should be available for everybody.

Cannabis itself has been used as a medicinal treatment for hundreds of years, but is still illegal in the UK in its raw form.

Sativex is an oral spray based on cannabis
Sativex is an oral spray based on cannabis Credit: GWPharma

Yvette Hodges had the medication recommended by her GP, but the Worcestershire Area Prescribing Committee has refused to fund it. She said she is aware of a number of people who self-medicate with cannabis, through various support groups and networks online.

"I am aware that people would turn to cannabis to relieve their pain - my theory on that is, if Sativex was available, I don't think people would do that.

I think the people who are turning to that do it because they can't get the drug that they need."

– Yvette Hodges

This has led to the MS Society launching its Treat Me Right campaign to call on health bosses to review prescribing levels for people diagnosed with MS.

The society wants all NHS bodies to fund Sativex - saying it should not be based on a patient's postcode.

"For years, the government has said 'we will prosecute people who use cannabis medicinally, people should wait for the pharmaceutical product to be available and that will then be prescribed'.

Well, the product is now available, and it's not being prescribed, so that leaves people between a rock and a hard place.

People should have access to it so they're not forced to look for what is still an illegal drug."

– Nick Rijke, MS Society

Sativex is not currently funded by any of the NHS commissioning bodies in the Calendar region - they say they need more evidence that it is value for money.

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