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Hull's emergency night shelter re-opens

An emergency night shelter in Hull has reopened - thanks to the generosity of local people. Hull Harp, based in Dock House, was forced to shut earlier this year due to a lack of funding.

But after business and schools rallied around raising money and donating food, the charity's now preparing to give those who would otherwise be on the streets during the festive season a Christmas to remember. Helen Steel reports.

Severed hand grandfather thanks medics

A grandfather who severed his hand at the wrist while making a Wendy house for his grandchildren has thanked medics after they saved his life, and his hand.

Stan Smith, who's 60, and from Willerby in East Yorkshire, got the sleeve of a loose-fitting jumper caught in a chop saw as he worked in his back garden on the gift for the grandchildren aged four and six.

The rotating blade cut his left hand clean off and he could have bled to death if he had fainted. But he calmly walked into his home, and his wife Gail went out to pick up his hand.

After 12 hours of plastic surgery, the limb was successfully reattached and Mr Smith has regained 70% of its use. He is back at the DIY and is even building an extension, although he is yet to finish the Wendy house after last year's accident.

He said: "When I had the accident, I didn't panic, even though I felt terrible about the fact that I'd lost my hand and I thought that I'd never be able to use it again. I put pressure on the artery to stop the bleeding as far as I could. Strangely enough, I was incredibly calm throughout and managed to walk back to the house to ask my wife to call an ambulance."

Mr Smith said he was "incredibly grateful' to the ambulance team, to Mr Platt the surgeon, and to everyone who cared for himat Hull Royal Infirmary.

"Thanks to them, within three months, I could drive my car again. I work teaching electrical engineering and can still do most of the things I used to do."


Hull Royal Infirmary ward closed following Norovirus outbreak

A ward at the Hull Royal Infirmary has been closed following an outbreak of the vomiting bug, Norovirus.

At present, Ward 12 is closed to new admissions due to an outbreak. People who have diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms are now being asked to stay away from hospital until they have been symptom free for 48 hours to limit the spread of the bug to others.

People can also help to limit the spread of Norovirus through thorough handwashing.

Shoppers asked for ambulance experiences

The union UNITE will be asking people about their experiences of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service today. They will be in Harrogate, Bradford and Sheffield where they plan to decorate Christmas trees with messages of support for their campaign to defend patient safety.

Asking for ambulance experiences Credit: PA

Unite says its already gathered 1,500 messages of support for its campaign. It is calling on MPs to to investigate claims that patients lives are being put at risk due to plans plans to cut services and use unqualified staff on emergency call-outs.

Dr David Macklin, Executive Director of Operations at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said:

“Patients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do and our absolute focus is to ensure that we continue to deliver a safe, responsive and high quality service to our patients. We refute the misleading claims Unite the Union have made around patient safety, the role of Emergency Care Assistants, and the Trust’s longer-term plans."


Trust apologises for A&E delays

An NHS boss in Hull has said they are working quickly to resolve problems which has seen some non-urgent surgeries being cancelled.

Hull Royal Infirmary has been seeing a high number of seriously ill patients in the Emergency Department which has put significant pressure on the number of beds we have for these medical patients. This in turn is making it difficult for us to move patients out of the Emergency Department and on to our wards.

This week we are taking a firm approach to dealing with the situation which aims to free up more beds and speed up discharge of patients who no longer need to be in hospital. Specifically we will be cancelling some non-urgent planned surgical procedures which not only gives us additional beds, it also frees up some of our doctors to assist with the additional patients who are coming in as emergencies. We anticipate that this will be a short-term measure that will last for the duration of this week, after which we will review the situation again and assess whether we can return to normal levels of surgical activity.

Due the pressures we are experiencing and the limited capacity within the hospital, some patients have had to wait longer within the Emergency Department than would be expected. We acknowledge this is not ideal and would like to apologise to patients for this. We are working as hard and as quickly as we possibly can to ensure all patients continue to be cared for safely and at a level which is appropriate to their individual circumstances.

– Jacqueline Myers, Chief Operating Officer for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS

Hospital forced to cancel operations

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have apologised after admitting that operations were cancelled at Hull Royal Infirmary last week due to an influx of patients to A&E, which put a strain on resources.

Yorkshire Ambulance service has 'busiest day ever'

Yorkshire Ambulance Service have warned people to take precautions as the icy grip of winter takes it toll.

The number of emergency calls made over the past 24 hours was the highest in the trust's history.

The calls are categorised, with 'red' being the most serious. The service say they have never before had as many of that type of call.

Over all, on an average Friday during the festive period, the trust get around 1,700 999 calls, but yesterday it saw a 35% increase due mainly to the cold weather.

West Yorkshire Ambulance Service Director Paul Mudd has urged the public to only call 999 when it is necessary.

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