Grace leads the way for Steve and Marina

100 mile drumming marathon for Grace

A couple from Baildon are setting off on a 100 mile drumming marathon to raise money for a little girl with a rare degenerative condtion.

Crosspool Sheffield

Air pollution. Is it set to improve?

Air pollution is forecast to be moderate to high over parts of our region and very high over parts of north-west Norfolk.

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Health warning after rise in food bank demand

The leader of a food bank charity has warned if the economic situation does not improve, more and more people will suffer adverse health effects.

In Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, the number of people asking for three days' emergency food supplies from food banks has increased by 260 per cent in one year.

"That 37,403 people in (the region) have received three days' food from a food bank, over triple the numbers helped last year, is shocking in 21st century Britain.

"But perhaps most worrying of all this figure is just the tip of the iceberg of UK food poverty, it doesn't include those helped by other emergency food providers, those living in towns where there is no food bank, people who are too ashamed to seek help or the large number of people who are only just coping by eating less and buying cheap food.

"In the last year we've seen things get worse, rather than better, for many people on low-incomes. It's been extremely tough for a lot of people, with parents not eating properly in order to feed their children and more people than ever experiencing seemingly unfair and harsh benefits sanctions.

"Unless there is determined policy action to ensure that the benefits of national economic recovery reach people on low-incomes we won't see life get better for the poorest anytime soon."

– Chris Mould, The Trussell Trust

Three foodbanks opened in Yorkshire North Lincolnshire in the last year.

Families urged to stop Alzheimer's patients from driving

The families of people with dementia are being urged to encourage their loved ones to give up driving, because of the potential dangers.This includes the threat to their own lives, and those of others on the roads.

Alzheimer's affects 800,000 people in this country, and before diagnosis and even after - some sufferers are still driving when they should not be behind the wheel.

A survey by a road safety charity has found a decline in the cognitive abilities of older motorists was the biggest worry for more than half of those questioned.

When David Orr was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, his family convinced him to stop driving.


260 per cent increase in food bank demand

The number of people who used food banks in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire has risen dramatically.

In the last 12 months demand has increased by 260 per cent compared with the year before.

From April last year more than 37,000 people in the area region received three days' emergency food from food banks run by the Trussell Trust. The figure was 10,380 in 2012-13.

The charity's called for an increase in the minimum wage and a cap on energy prices for those on low incomes.

Brave Ryan's Race for Life role

Last month ITV Calendar kickstarted this year's Race for Life campaign - encouraging people to become one of the thousands of women in our region who walk, jog or run to beat cancer.

But Ryan Tait from Lincoln is not letting being a boy stop him from taking part. He was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago - and beat it. He'll be handing out medals to women - including his mum Lisa - at his local Race for Life. Helen Steel reports.


Whitby GPs offer new skype appointments for patients

Patients in Whitby will now be able to have skype appointments with their GPs Credit: ITV Yorkshire

People living in Whitby will be now be able to Skype their GP. Surgeries in the town are taking part in a new Government trial, testing out longer opening hours as well as consultations over the phone and on video calls.

There are also plans to try and make the GPs more pro-active in looking after vulnerable people in the community.

Family criticise NHS over mental health support errors

The family of a Nottinghamshire man who took his own life after suffering severe depression have hit out at the NHS over a series of errors in providing him with mental health support.

Alvan Brown from Retford recognised his illness and tried to get help from his doctor. But an inquest was told it was five days before an urgent referral from his GP was passed to the correct hospital department.

The Nottinghamshire NHS Trust which was partly responsible for his care admit communication could have been better and say they have since made improvements as Matt Price reports.

Marathon challenge to raise awareness of prostate cancer

Last year, ITV launched the Stand By Your Man campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. It was partly inspired by John Anderson, a surgeon from Sheffield who saved hundreds of lives then fell victim to the disease himself.

This weekend one of his five children, Jamie, will honour his father's memory and raise awareness himself by taking on the London Marathon.

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