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Sights and sounds of Wakefield's Race For Life

Around thirteen hundred women and girls have taken part in 5k and 10k events at Wakefield's Thornes Park. It's hoped the event will raise around £90,000 for cancer research.

Among those taking part were ITV Calendar's very own Christine Talbot and Julie Hawkins who finished treatment for cancer a year ago to the day.

Were you there? See if you can spot yourself in the video below!


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What is meningitis?


Man overcomes injury to set world record - in high heels

Marti Powell suffered a severe brain injury 15 years ago - but he has already set a handful of world records.

Marti Powell has high hopes he will set even more world records

The 35-year-old, from Chesterfield, was involved in a road accident, which left him unable or speak or move. He holds the record for the fastest five metres and the furthest distance travelled by a rubber band car.

And now, he's the proud holder of the title 'fastest man over one hundred high heels'.

His achievement comes at the start of Brain Injury Awareness Week.

He says he picked the unusual targets because he likes to be be different:

'He said: "Everybody wants to be different, wants to be remembered. If you are the same as everyone else, you would just be the same. If you do something different - you'll be remembered."

See Chris Kiddey's report here:

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