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Women on the pull in support of power-lifting gran

A grandmother from Lincoln has been invited to compete for her country as a power-lifter - despite only taking up the sport 14 months ago. Michelle Franklin needs to cover her own expenses so she and a group of friends decided to raise money by going on the pull, as Adam Fowler reports.

And anyone wanting to follow in Michelle's footsteps ... can find out more here #thisgrannycan



Junior doctor: we want the best service for our patients

A junior doctors from Hull Royal infirmary says today's strike by junior doctors is vital to make the government realise the amount of dissatisfaction there is with the new contracts.

I think that if the government could see the amount of dissatisfaction with the new contracts, then I think we could encourage them to come back to the table to renegotiate. Our aim isn't to say we don't want a 7 day NHS because of course we do. We want the best service for our patients, but we want one which is sustainable and one that is safe.

– Dr Sarah Whitehorn

The Department for Health says that the strike is irresponsible and that patients are suffering because of it.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust spending over £200,000 on taxis for patients

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the biggest spenders on taxis for patients in the NHS, according to new figures. In the year 2014-15 it spent £211,892 on transporting patients by taxi.

It is one of several trusts across the country to spend more than £200,000 on taxis.

Patients are transferred by private taxi when they are too ill, frail or unable to travel to and from appointments by themselves.

A taxi may be paid for by the NHS if there is a shortage of patient transport services at the hospital, including ambulances or car drivers.

The Patients Association has criticised the amount being spent by hospital trusts on taxis. It argues that hospital transport could be used more effectively without having to waste money on private taxis.

A spokesman from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said it saw around 1.5 million patients every year.

We have a contract with a patient transport provider who normally carries eligible patients with a medical need to and from the hospital. This is backed up by a contract taxi service to provide ad hoc transportation, including for some patients - this may be due to special circumstances or high demand on the usual patient transport vehicles.

– Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust spokesman
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