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OAP victim of £9,300 bogus cop scam

A fresh warning has been issued after a bogus police officer conned an 86-year-old Beverley man into handing over £9,300.

The incident happened on Tuesday, September 6, when the victim received a call from a man claiming to be working for the fraud squad.

The caller told the victim there had been suspicious activity on his account and advised him to withdraw his money immediately and provided details of a ‘safe’ account to pay it into.

The matter has been reported to the bank and Action Fraud and an investigation has been launched.

Officers from the Humberside Economic Crime unit have today reiterated advice on how to avoid falling foul of similar conmen.

The basics include:

• Never give out bank or personal details to strangers

• Don’t had over money or transfer funds to unknown accounts

• If you believe you have been called, hang up and use another phone to call police. Don’t use the same phone immediately as the offender may be maintaining the connection.

If you are called as part of this scam, make a note of the details – including the number the bogus caller has rung from – and call 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.


'Money saving expert' Martin Lewis in Brexit Q and A in Leeds

Series six of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show heads to Leeds on Sunday and Monday to film at the Trinity shopping centre.

Martin Lewis, who founded the Money Saving Expert website, will spend both days answering questions on money matters and the potential effects of Brexit on your finances.

He'll be there from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday and 11am to 5pm on Monday.

Women protest at 'unfair' raising of retirement age

Thousands gather in London

Women from local branches of a pension campaign group have been protesting in London today.

Women Against State Pension Inequality, or WASPI, are campaigning against the Government's raising of their retirement age. Women who were expecting to retire at 60 have now been told they will have to wait until they are 66.

Women 'robbed' of pensions

But these campaigners from Yorkshire say they haven't had time to prepare themselves financially.


Rental increase in region

Changes to the private rental sector has caused a rise in rent across our region, according to a report.

The survey by Homelet shows rents in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire increased by almost 3 per cent in the three months until March this year, compared with last year.

A home insurance expert said stamp duty, and changes to buy-to-let rules could be to blame:

“We’ve continued to see increases in rents on new tenancies in almost every part of the UK during the first quarter, as the private rental market has responded to the pressures of an imbalance between demand and supply.

“However, external factors may now come into play: the stamp duty increase has already had an impact and that surge in the acquisition of property by landlords could now cause a short-term increase in the supply of rental property in some areas of the country. In the longer term, changes to rules around buy-to-let mortgage interest being offset against tax bills, coupled with the Bank of England’s instruction to lenders to apply more exacting criteria on buy-to-let lending, may have a limiting effect on supply.''

– Martin Totty, home insurance expert

The budget: your opinions

Today's budget has thrown up some big headlines - from a freeze on tax on beer and fuel duty, to an increase in your tax-free personal allowance.

But what do people in our region think? We visited a pub in Sheffield:

Christy McMorrow, Students Union

"The focus for students should be bringing down the cost of leaving and the security of getting a job at the end of the course. There should be a cut in University fees. There should be a focus on tackling the wealth divide and going after corporations."

Matt Steer, Pub Landlord

"There needs to be a focus on VAT. This will help drive growth for small businesses. The business rate relief is welcomed but it isn't going to be enough. The governments proposal to raise the minimum wage to a living allowance isn't going to help put more money into the pockets of staff and employers.

Victoria Bennion, Student

"Students worry leaving university, as the cost of living is rising and the prospects of getting a house, a car or jobs is now more difficult than ever."

Paul Captieux, Chartered Accountant

On the Northern Powerhouse concept:

''The topic of the Northern Powerhouse divides opinion. My own view is that this is more political posturing than real intent, after all - the north has been neglected over the years and any investment is really a correction for past neglect. Also George Osborne wouldn't have to deliver on it given the longevity of the project and environmental considerations for fast road between Sheffield and Manchester.''

On private pensions and ISAs:

''The private pensions regime is unchanged and the lifetime ISA is an extra choice for the under 40s who may need more flexibility.''

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