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Councils meet to decide on budget cuts

Protest over cuts Credit: Calendar news

Bradford and Doncaster councils meet today to set their budgets. Both are faced with having to reduce spending by a least one million pounds apiece over the next three years due to the Government's austerity measures and reduction in local government spending.

Members of the Doncaster People's Assembly will protest outside the South Yorkshire meeting this afternoon.

Council tax frozen in Hamleton

Hambleton’s council tax has been frozen for the fourth year running.

District Councillors have agreed not to impose a rise of £2.24 a year on householders. The increase will be funded by central government through a scheme which sees it picking up the costs of rises set below 2% - effectively freezing rates for taxpayers.

Without the freeze the District Council’s element of council tax would have been £91.72 a year for a Band D property - residents will actually be charged £89.48.



Region's house prices finally on the up

After seven years of being in decline, house prices in the region are finally on the up.

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The average house price for Hull now stands at £70,893 - an increase of 2 percent between December 2012 and December 2013.

Across the river in North- East Lincolnshire, the average price stands at £80,323 - up a whopping 4.8 percent.

In Sheffield the average house price is £116,967 - up 3 percent. In York the average price has risen by 2.7 percent to £183,344, and Leeds has seen a boost by 1.6 percent to £124,065.

Cold homes health fears

Heating our homes is fast becoming a luxury, with more than a third of people (36%) in Leeds admitting that they can no longer afford to turn up the heating when they are cold.

That's according to a nationwide study commissioned by energyhelpline, which shows that when feeling cold, well over half of people (69%) won't turn the heating on or turn it up for fear of spending too much on our energy bills.

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