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Austin Mitchell: Goodbye Brian Clough

In the moment that made him a national figure, then Calendar presenter, Austin Mitchell, chairs an interview between Nigel Clough and Don Revie in September 1974.

Clough, who had that day been sacked as Leeds United manager after a tempestuous 44 day reign, was faced by his predecessor Revie, while Austin Mitchell kept the peace.

The interview has since gone down in Leeds United and footballing legend:



Labour promise more powers to regions

Labour has promised to give more powers to cities outside London, to help close the north-south divide. In a speech today,

Ed Miliband said he'd give councils extra money to make their own decisions on issues such as transport and housing.

The Labour party have also said today that they'd bring back regional ministers to champion areas like Yorkshire and Lincolnshire within the government. The Tories are asking how Labour would pay for it, but Mr. Miliband says he's committed to making changes.

Former BNP MEP to stand down

Andrew Brons, the Yorkshire and Humber MEP is to stand down at the next election.

Andrew Brons (left)
Andrew Brons (left) Credit: Press Association

The former member of the British National Party has confirmed to reporters that he won't be running for a seat in the European Parliament in May. Mr Brons quit the BNP in 2012.

He says he now wants to remain politically active with his new party, the British Democratic Party.

Bust to commemorate Margaret Thatcher unveiled

In life she was considered a divisive politician, lauded by some, but blamed by many in our region for the demise of the mining industry.

But as the first anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's death approaches, a museum in her birthplace of Grantham has seen a renewed interest in her life and legacy.

As a new exhibition on the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain opens, Helen Steel went to meet a sculptor who wants to portray the Iron Lady in a positive light:

Thatcher sculpture to be unveiled in Grantham

Bronze Margaret Thatcher sculpture

A bronze bust of Margaret Thatcher will be unveiled at museum in her home town of Grantham today.

Designed by Lisa Hawker, the figure will join an exhibition dedicated to the former Prime Minister.

A condolence book, signed by more than 3,000 people, will also be on view to the public.

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