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'We can't just be a Parliament for 52% of the population'

Rebel Labour MP Rachael Maskell has warned that Parliament needs to represent all parts of society - not just those who voted in favour of Brexit.

The York Central representative was among the 47 Labour MPs to vote against triggering Article 50, having resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's three-line whip to vote in favour.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, she said her constituency had voted to remain in the EU, and she felt it was important to ensure their views were represented in the Commons.

It is about representing the voices out there - we can't just be a Parliament for 52 per cent of the country, which is what the government wants to do.

We've got 100 per cent of people living in our country that are obviously concerned about their future, and what's really important is that Parliament reflects that, reflects the diversity of different parts of our country.

We've got to find a way through that finds that voice for everybody.

– Rachael Maskell MP



Picasso prints coming to Barnsley

A Barnsley museum is preparing to welcome ground-breaking artwork by Picasso.

Jacqueline Reading by Picasso Credit: Gareth Jones

The free exhibition featuring 17 original linocut prints will open at the town centre’s newly transformed Cooper Gallery on Saturday 21st January. It will be the first time the famous artist’s work has been displayed in Barnsley, and the first time these linocuts have visited Yorkshire.

Barnsley was chosen as one of only three places in the country to host the exhibition, which is on loan from the British Museum for its inaugural tour of the UK.

The artwork has already been on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool, and will go on to be shown in Coventry.

The exhibition pieces will include the iconic ‘Still Life under the Lamp’, and ‘Jacqueline Reading’, which depicts his wife and muse. Both prints were made in 1962, when Picasso was 80 years old.

The artist explored the technique of linocutting in the late 1950s and early 1960s, repeatedly cutting, printing and cleaning just one piece of lino to build up bold and often colourful images.

Picasso's Still Life Under The Lamp is coming to Barnsley Credit: Gareth Jones

“Picasso is often referred to as the most influential and celebrated European artist of the 20th century so we are incredibly proud that these prestigious works will be on display here in Barnsley.

“The techniques he employed to create the prints were ground-breaking at the time and this is a fantastic opportunity for people from across Yorkshire to experience original artworks by a world-renowned artist right on their doorstep.”

– Sarah Briggs, exhibitions officer at Barnsley Council

The Cooper Gallery, which is run and operated by Barnsley Council on behalf of the Cooper Gallery Trustees, was transformed in the spring of 2016 to double its exhibition space.

‘Picasso Linocuts’ will run until April 29th, and a series of educational talks and activities are planned to take place alongside the display.

The exhibition has been developed in partnership with the British Museum and the Lady Lever Art Gallery, with support from the Dorset Foundation.

Stunning sound & light show launches Hull's year as UK City of Culture

The UK City of Culture celebrations were launched this afternoon in the city centre, where films and animations were projected on to some of Hull's most famous landmarks, including the Maritime Museum, City Hall and Ferens Art Gallery.

The event, called Made In Hull was held at several locations around the Old Town.

We Are Hull by Zsolt Balogh with original soundtrack by Dan Jones, Queen Victoria Square for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty
We Are Hull by Zsolt Balogh with original soundtrack by Dan Jones, Queen Victoria Square for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty
Arrivals and Departures by imitating the dog The Deep for Sean Mcallister’s Made in Hull, Credit: Nigel Roddis for Getty

This evening a crowd of 25,000 people will flock to the Marina and Victoria Pier to watch a massive fireworks display called In With A Bang.

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