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'Catastrophic night as country enters uncertain period'

George Osborne has said a hung parliament represents a "catastrophic night for her and... the Conservatives."

Speaking to ITV News, he said Theresa May will "probably become one of the shortest serving Prime Minister's in our history."

Lamenting Labour's inability to seize Government, Ed Balls added: "At the end of the day we are going to end up still with a Conservative Government.

"That is something which I think for Labour's supporters will still be frustrating and for people who depend upon public services still a challenge and a threat.

"The most important thing is we are now entering a very, very uncertain period."



Greg Mulholland becomes region's second Lib Dem to lose seat

Greg Mulholland has lost his seat Credit: PA

Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland has lost the Leeds North West seat to Labour.

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Mr Mulholland is the second Lib Dem to lose his seat in our region after former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was also ousted by Labour in Sheffield Hallam.

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