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Greg Mulholland becomes region's second Lib Dem to lose seat

Greg Mulholland has lost his seat Credit: PA

Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland has lost the Leeds North West seat to Labour.

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Mr Mulholland is the second Lib Dem to lose his seat in our region after former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was also ousted by Labour in Sheffield Hallam.



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Nick Clegg: Clearly a boomerang election for the Tories

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has claimed his party will not form a potential coalition Government following a "boomerang election" for the Conservatives.

He said Tim Farron "fundamentally disagrees" on the "design and approach and architecture of hard-Brexit of Theresa May and endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn."

After a shock exit poll suggested a hung parliament, he added: "There's just no meeting point between the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and the Labour Party.

"Whatever happens.. it's clearly a boomerang election for the Conservatives who started out in this election campaign treating it as something of a coronation.

"Now, clearly, it's going to be a closely-fought contest."

Former Sheffield MP Blunkett: Corbyn had extremely effective campaign

Former Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough MP David Blunkett has congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on an "extremely effective anti-austerity campaign".

Mr Blunkett told ITV News that he also praised the Labour leader for "mobilising young people" to vote who have "clearly turned out in much greater numbers than previously".

The former Home Secretary said he hopes that in the weeks ahead the Labour leader's team can be strengthened after a period of turmoil.

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