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Scargill: Full investigation needed over Orgreave clashes

Former miners' leader Arthur Scargill says 'brutal force' was used at Orgreave in 1984 and a full investigation is needed to get to the bottom of who ordered it.

Speaking to ITV Calendar, the 77-year-old added the he would continue his campaign for justice over the clashes in South Yorkshire.



Key Labour donor says party is now 'a dead horse'

Hull City owner Assem Allam says Jeremy Corbyn will never be Prime Minister Credit: Press Association

One of Labour's biggest donors is withdrawing his support for the Labour Party, following the selection of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

Hull City owner Assem Allam told ITV Calendar that Jeremy Corbyn "will never become Prime Minister." He continued, "the Labour Party is a dead horse... and I don't back dead horses."

Mr Allam believes he is the biggest Labour Party donor after the unions. He gave Labour £500,000 this year to help fight the election, and had previously donated around £220,000 to the party.

Mr Allam said he would prefer to see David Miliband or Yvette Cooper lead the party into the next election - and only if something like that happened would he resume donating money to Labour.

He has never been a member of any political party, but says he gave his financial backing to Labour because he is "a supporter of democracy."

Alec Shelbrooke dismisses allegations as 'nonsense'

Alec Shelbrooke hits back at critics who wrongly claimed he had fallen asleep in the House of Commons. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Alec Shelbrooke has hit back at critics who wrongly claimed he had fallen asleep in the House of Commons.

The Conservative MP for Elmet and Rothwell dismissed the allegations as 'politics', suggesting that the story had been talked up by the Labour party after they lost the debate over the Trade Union Bill.

Mr Shelbrooke has a mild hearing impairment and was in fact leaning back to listen to a speaker in the back of his seat, which is in place to help MPs hear what is going on in the echoey chamber.

As a 'thick-skinned politician', Mr Shelbrooke said he is able to dismiss the comments as 'unfair'. but suggested that 'many people will be quite upset by this story.' He said he hopes the incident will 'put an end to the nonsense' of MPs being accused of not paying attention in the Commons.

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