Road rage woman spared jail

A woman who drove with a man clinging to her car bonnet in Cross Hills near Keighley has been spared jail

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Spared jail - Mandy McGuigan drove Simon Webster 100m on her car bonnet

A woman who admitted dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident will not have to go to jail.

Mandy Mcguigan, from Colne, drove her car away from an antiques shop with a staff member clinging onto her bonnet after he had confronted her.

She drove Simon Webster the wrong way up a one way street and through a red light before he fell off after 100 metres.

Mr Webster was taken to hospital with serious injuries. McGuigan carried on driving without knowing whether or not she had killed him.

The incident happened on June 22 last year when McGuigan went into Heathcote Antiques in Keighley to try and sell a picture.

At a hearing at Bradford Crown court today McGuigan was given a 12 months suspended sentence.


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