Brave nine-year-old dies

Schoolgirl Niamh Power from South Yorkshire has lost her battle with a recurring brain tumour. Her family today pledged her death will not be in vain.

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Death won't be in vain

A brave nine-year old who fought a recurring brain tumour has died. Niamh Power had three operations and many bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But each time surgeons removed the little girl’s tumour, it returned.

Her family, from Maltby, raised thousands of pounds with the help of the local community to raise money for an operation in America.

They managed to get Niamh, a pupil at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Dinnington, to a clinical trial in Leeds.

But scans revealed the tumour - an astrocytoma usually found in adults - was growing back a fourth time.

Her parents said they will now donate money to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, where Niamh died in her parents' arms.


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