Iceland rejects rescued seal

Rescuers caring for a rescued seal on the Lincolnshire coast have been told they cannot return it to Icelandic waters. Officials there are worried it might be carrying diseases.

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Eve the seal frozen out by Iceland

Eve the seal Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Officials on Iceland have turned away a rescued seal which is currently being cared for at a seal sanctuary in Lincolnshire. Staff at Natureland in Skegness have spent recent months nursing Eve back to health after she was found near Chapel St Leonards.

The animal is almost ready to be released back into the wild and the sanctuary hold she cold be taken back to Icelandic waters, close to where it is thought she was born. But officials there say they will not accept her because of the risk of infection.

Eve was first picked up by rescuers in Germany last August. A tracker on her showed she then swam to Scotland but instead of heading north she travelled down the east coast. Natureland staff are now trying to decide what to do with her.

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