"Swearing worksheet" given to children

A school in South Yorkshire has been handing out worksheets containing some of the most extreme swear words. Pupils as young as 11 at a school in Barnsley have been asked to 'grade' the words as to how bad they are.

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Shafton Advanced Learning Centre gives out "swearing worksheet"

A school in Barnsley has given out a worksheet containing some of the most offensive swear words.

Parents and pupils have reacted angrily, saying the language, which they were asked to comment on and say whether they were appropriate words to use in different situations, was "horrifying".

Year seven students were given this document and asked to rank them in terms of how acceptable they were in certain situations.

The words used are deemed so offensive they can't be broadcast but in the classroom Shafton Advanced Learning Centre on Wednesday - they were completely uncensored.

The school said today 700 students took part in these lessons which were aimed at teaching what kind of language is appropriate at what time an in what context. In a statement they said the lessons were thoroughly planned and that they've had no complaints from parents or pupils.

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