Sleaford security cut

Sleaford could lose some of its nightly security patrols and some CCTV cameras after businesses voted to get rid of the town's Business Improvement District. The BID failed to get support to carry on with its work for a further five years.

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Security patrols and CCTV under threat in Sleaford

Sleaford could lose some of its night-time security patrols and CCTV cameras after businesses in the town rejected plans to keep its Business Improvement District for a further five years. 53% of firms voted not to carry on paying a 1% levy to fund the group which works to improve the town centre.

The Business Improvement District was set up five years ago aiming to improve the town's security, ensure it is marketed and promoted well, and to manage parking and traffic flow. Businesses pay 1% of their rateable value to fund the BID's work.

Before the ballot, the BID team warned that a no vote would mean security patrols ceasing from October and CCTV cameras on Woodbridge Road and East Road being switched off as well as the end of schemes which help pubs and shops to work together to keep an eye on troublesome customers.

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