Rotherham United - first game in new stadium

Rotherham United have celebrated their new stadium - with a win against Barnsley

Rotherham's new stadium

It was quite a weekend for Rotherham United fans, because after four years away from the town, football finally came home.

The club's brand spanking new £20 million all-seater stadium staged its first match - a friendly against near-neighbours Barnsley - and our cameras were there.

John Shires reports.


Rotherham United's new start

It's been four years in the making and cost £17m.

And today, Rotherham United will finally be able to play in their brand new stadium when they take on Barnsley at 3pm.

The New York stadium is only 600 yards from their old home at Millmoor.

When Tony Stewart became chairman in 2008, his promise Rotherham would get a new stadium was met with jeers.

But the chance came when a college being built ran out of funding, and the 12,000 capacity stadium was born.

Now, the New York Stadium proudly stands there - named after the area of the town in which it stands.