West Yorkshire Fire Authority discusses cuts

West Yorkshire Fire Authority meets to discuss cost cutting measures

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People in West Yorkshire able to have their say over fire service cuts

Plans to close ten fire stations, scrap ten fire engines and lose hundreds of jobs from West Yorkshire's fire service took another step forward today as the controversial proposal was released for public consultation.

For the next twelve weeks people living in the county will have the chance to consider the cost cutting scheme devised to meet a budget that the government has slashed by millions of pounds.


Fire service cuts

West Yorkshire Fire Authority have been discussing proposals in which 10 fire engines would go, two of which would be replaced with smaller units. 10 stations would close and 5 new ones would be built. Marsden and Howarth fire stations would close altogether.

Fire service jobs at risk in West Yorkshire


West Yorkshire Fire Authority is meeting to agree 11 proposals of change to the fire service that will go out for 12 weeks public consultation. The changes are being described as the biggest the fire service have ever undergone.

The next meeting will be held on the 21st December, once the consultation period has come to an end. Potentially 17 jobs from support staff are currently at risk of compulsory redundancy, 200 other jobs will go through natural wastage.

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