Sexual abuse "ignored"

Asian gangs in South Yorkshire groomed girls in South Yorkshire while offenders were ignored, confidential documents have revealed.

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South Yorkshire Police chief to face MPs over alleged child sex abuse cases

The chief constable of South Yorkshire will face MPs over the alleged sexual abuse of young girls.

It follows reports in a national newspaper referring to abuse of girls by gangs of Asian men.

I will fully assist the Home Affairs Select Committee in answering any questions they may have"

– David Crompton, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire

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Hundreds of children exploited for sex by gangs of men

Deeply disturbing details of how hundreds of children across our region have been exploited for sex by organised groups of men have been revealed today.

An investigation by a national newspaper claims the grooming and trafficking of girls has gone on for at least a decade - while authorities have failed to act.

The report by the Times newspaper focuses in particular on South Yorkshire and especially Rotherham, where police and local agencies are accused of what it calls 'a child protection scandal'. Lisa Adlam reports.


Sexual exploitation in South Yorkshire "not punished"

A dossier of internal police, social services and intelligence reports shows agencies in South Yorkshire were aware vulnerable girls were being abused, but a catalogue of alleged crimes were not prosecuted.

In one case, a white girl sexually abused by an Asian gang was offered lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by her local council, to "try to engage her in education". The papers showed 54 children from Rotherham were linked to exploitation by three brothers from a British Pakistani family.

They also document an incident when neighbours heard screaming. A 13-year-old girl was found in a house with a group of men who had given her vodka. Police arrested the child for being drunk and disorderly but didn't question the men. South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council have not commented.

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