500 jobs at risk at Maltby Colliery

The owner of Maltby Colliery gas warned that it could close because of 'major geological problems'.

Maltby Colliery in Rotherham has been producing coal for more than 100 years.

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Job losses warning at Maltby Colliery

One of the last remaining deep coal mines in the country could close with the loss of 500 workers. Maltby Colliery has been producing coal in South Yorkshire for over a century.

However, geological problems with a new seam have left its owners warning it could shut. Unions though have vowed to fight to save the colliery.

500 Jobs at risk at Maltby Colliery

Maltby Colliery

The owner of Maltby Colliery has warned that the mine could be closed - leaving around 500 jobs at risk. Hargreaves Services says the mine may be mothballed as it 'would probably be uneconomic to switch production' to another process.

Maltby produces more than a million tonnes of coal per year, about 60% of which goes to Drax, Europe's largest coal-fired power plant. Much of the remaining product goes to Hargreaves' Mockton works near Barnsley.


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