UK electric landspeed record

The first electric super car - the Nemesis - will attempt to break the UK electric car land speed record at Elvington Airfield near York

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Electric car breaks land speed record

When you think of electric cars, speed perhaps is not the first thing that springs to mind.

But today a vehicle, which has to be plugged in before it can move, broke a UK record - for going very fast indeed.

Britain's first electric supercar was taken to an airfield in North Yorkshire where it broke the landspeed record not once, but twice, as Michael Billington reports.

Land speed record broken

An electric car - powered by wind turbines - has broken the UK electric car landspeed record on the outskirts of York. The 'Nemesis' clocked over 151 miles an hour at Elvington airfield this morning.

The previous record was 137. The makers of the Nemesis claim it's the first British electric supercar - and hope it will 'smash the stereotype' that electric cars are slow and boring.


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