Smith family "unlawfully killed"

"Unlawful killing" verdict for Smith family found dead in their West Yorkshire home.

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Coroner rules Smith family "unlawfully killed"

It's emerged today that a father chose the fourth anniversary of losing his unborn son to kill his family and take his own life.

An inquest has been told that Richard Smith killed his 36 year old wife Clair before stabbing 9 year old Ben and one-year-old Aaron. He then set fire to their home in Pudsey in Leeds. The ashes of the couple's other son Jake were found on the bed with the family.

The coroner recorded verdicts of unlawful killing on Mrs Smith, Ben and Aaron and said 37-year-old Richard Smith took his own life.

Coroner records verdicts for tragic Pudsey family

The Smith family

The coroner at Leeds Crown Court has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing for a mother and her two children.

Clair Smith, 36, and her sons Aaron, 13 months old, and Ben, nine, were attacked at their home in Pudsey last year.

The children's father Richard Smith, 37, died after inhaling smoke after a bedroom was set alight.

The coroner recorded Mr Smith took his own life.

At a previous hearing, Leeds Coroner David Hinchliff confirmed Aaron had died from a stab wound to the neck which severed the carotid artery and jugular vein.

Mr Hinchliff said tBen died from suffocation due to the obstruction of his airway and smoke inhalation. Police said Ben was also stabbed.

Mrs Smith died from a stab wound to the chest and "external compression to the neck".


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