Rugby star clears his name

Former rugby player Jamie Bloem has spoken out after police declared he has no case to answer after being questioned over child sex allegations which later proved unfounded.

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Rugby player speaks of death threats during child sex investigation

A former rugby player from Halifax says he received death threats while police investigated child sex allegations against him. Jamie Bloem was arrested in July after innocent comments posted on Facebook were taken out of context. They wrongly suggested a physical relationship with a girl under 16.

After four months detectives released the 41 year old from his bail without charge, saying no further action will be taken. But the ex-Halifax Bluesox player now believes social networking sites need to take more action to ensure people know the ages of those they are talking to.

During the investigation he received an answer phone message threatening him, and then a letter which made threats against both him and his young daughter. He lost work from his landscape gardening business and he was forced to discuss the false allegations with friends and his children's school.

We went through all the emotions that you can, the numbness first, the shock and the horror of being accused of probably one of the most vile crimes that there is in modern-day society. And then the anger of wanting revenge and wanting to get back at people but wanting to clear my name first. I think the only regret I've got through all this is that my wife's grandma died during all this and it would have been nice for her to have seen all this cleared up.

– Jamie Bloem


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