Claudia's father in House of Commons for Bill reading

The father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence is in London today.

Claudia's father supports new law for missing people's families

The father of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence has been in the House of Commons as he continues his fight to make it easier for those dealing with a missing person's estate.

Peter Lawrence, whose daughter Claudia disappeared in March 2009, was there for the second reading of the Presumption of Death Bill.The new law would introduce a certificate of presumed death, to cut the red tape families currently face when a loved one goes missing

Missing people's families to get extra help

Families of missing people, including that of York chef Claudia Lawrence, will be given help to cope with the complex legal and financial issues they face.

The Government will be supporting a Private Members Bill which will introduce a presumption of death certificate.

The Bill introduced by John Glen MP, follows an announcement earlier this year of plans to simplify the law around the affairs of those who are missing presumed dead.

The presumption of death certificate will be equivalent to a death certificate in its legal power.

Having the certificate will help families deal with different aspects of the affairs of the missing person, such as existing direct debits or access to bank accounts.

This is a terrible situation that no family should have to go through. No-one can prepare for the heartache and confusion when a loved one disappears with no trace.

The existing system is convoluted and an additional nightmare for families to overcome. That is why we are changing the law and making the process much more straightforward.

The changes will create a simple legal framework to ensure bereaved people can deal with the property and affairs of a loved one who has gone missing and is presumed dead.

– Justice Minister Helen Grant

Missing People is delighted by this timely announcement from the MoJ backing John Glen's Private Member's Bill. The charity has been campaigning to end the unnecessary heartache faced by families when they seek to have a loved one legally presumed dead and today's announcement will be welcomed by them.

– Nicola Sharp, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Missing People


Claudia's father in London for Missing persons'Bill

Claudia Lawrence went missing in 2009 Credit: family photo

The father of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence has been to the House of Commons for the second reading of the Government's Presumption of Death Bill. It will make it easier for relatives to deal with the affairs of financial and legal issues of their missing loved ones.

Claudia disappeared in 2009. Her father, Peter says he is disappointed that there is currently no provision for Guardianship in the Bill and hopes that this will be re-considered.