Firework attack in Leeds

Grandparents say their two grandchildren could have been killed when a rocket smashed through their living room window and exploded.

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Police investigate firework attack

A house in Leeds has been the target of a fireworks attack. Two children had just left the playroom of their grandparents' home in Roundhay when a rocket smashed through the window and exploded.

Their grandfather says they could have been killed. Police are now investigating reports that a group of three people were seen acting suspiciously next to a Nissan Primera car on Lidgett Park Road just before the incident.

Lucky escape after firework explosion

Two children have had a lucky escape after a firework smashed through the window and exploded in a house in Leeds. The youngsters had just left the room at the house in the Roundhay area of the city on Monday when the rocket flew in. Police believe it was thrown in, in a targeted attack.

The children's grandfather Derek Davidson has told Calendar he thinks it could have killed the youngsters.


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