Memorial service for Pierre Barnes

A service to celebrate the life of Pierre Barnes is being held today. The 12-year-old drowned while on holiday on a french island.

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Tears and smiles for Pierre

There were tears, smiles, and laughter as a community came together today to celebrate the life of a young schoolboy that was cut so tragically short on a holiday island in France.

Twelve year old Pierre Barnes was remembered at a tiny parish church on the outskirts of Grantham just over two weeks after he vanished at the start of his half term holiday. Kate Hemingway reports.

Memorial service celebrates Pierre's life

Pierre Barnes with his parents

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Pierre Barnes, the 12 year old from Lincolnshire who drowned on holiday on a French island, is behing held today. It's organised by the primary school where Pierre was a pupil for his friends, staff and parents at Barrowby Church near Grantham.


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