Unemployment falls in Calendar region

The latest figures show unemployment has fallen in the Calendar region

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Unemployment rates across the UK

How does unemployment in the Calendar region compare to other areas of the UK?

  • North East: 127,000 (9.8%)
  • Yorks and the Humber: 247,000 (9.1%)
  • London: 372,000 (8.7%)
  • West Mids: 235,000 (8.6%)
  • North West: 293,000 (8.4%)
  • Wales: 121,000 (8.2%)
  • Scotland: 218,000 (8.1%)
  • East Mids: 178,000 (7.7%)
  • N. Ireland: 67,000 (7.6%)
  • East of England: 212,000 (6.8%)
  • South East: 289,000 (6.5%)

Minister welcomes fall in unemployment

It’s good news to see yet another increase in the number of people in work and to see unemployment fall again. The fall in youth unemployment is particularly welcome, although we’re not complacent about the scale of the challenge still facing us.

We’re working hard to help the long-term unemployed back into a job. That’s why we’ve committed to supporting the hardest-to-help people over a two year period through the Work Programme so that we can help them overcome their barriers to work and get them into sustainable jobs.”

– Mark Hoban, Minister for Employment
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