Baby dies after doctors dismiss meningitis

A mother has spoken out after her baby died from meningitis - and doctors accused her of being "neurotic".

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Doctors dismiss dying baby's illness

A young mother was accused of being hysterical by doctors as her 13-month-old son was losing a fight for his life.

The medics at Doncaster Royal Infirmary repeatedly failed to see that Bobby Bushell had meningitis, and by the time they did - it was too late.

They completely ignored his mother's instincts and the tell-tale signs of the disease.

To add to the family's ordeal the health trust involved decided to fight them in court for five years - they lost and have now been forced to pay a five figure sum in compensation. David Hirst reports.

Mother speaks out after winning case against hospital trust

Bobby Bushell

A mother has spoken out after winning a compensation claim against Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Bobby Bushell died from meningitis after hospital doctors at Doncaster twice failed to spot the symptoms and dismissed his mother’s fears as ‘hysterical’.

One nurse even suggested his mother, Jane Hook, wheel him around in a buggy because he was ‘a bit loud’.

Hours later, the 13-month-old was dead. His parents have now won a five-figure sum at Sheffield County Court.


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