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Lincolnshire's annual Haxey Hood takes place

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Hundreds of people in the Lincolnshire village of Haxey have marked an ancient tradition today. The 653rd Haxey Hood has taken place. The game sees two teams of villagers wrestle a long leather stick back to their favourite pub without picking it up and running with it.

Phil Coggon, "The Lord" of the Hood has told Calendar how the tradition started.

Haxey Hood held in Lincolnshire

The Fool Credit: Press Association

A traditional game to mark Twelfth Night is being held in the village of Haxey in north Lincolnshire.

Usually it is held on 6 January, but if it falls on a Sunday then the event takes place on 5 January.

The game is similar to a rugby scrum (called the "sway"), which pushes a leather tube (called the "hood") to 1 of 4 pubs, where it remains until the following year's game.

The game is similar to a rugby scrum Credit: Press Association


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