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Motorbiking great grandfather Ian Coates from Hebden Bridge is back home after an epic round the world trip lasting 14 years

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Biking great-grandad back home after 14 years

A great grandfather from West Yorkshire has landed back home - fourteen years after setting off on a round the world motorcycling adventure. 69 year old Ian Coates left his wife, Judith and family behind in Hebden Bridge, saying he'd be gone six months ...... but just kept going!

He has been home, briefly, over the years but has always hit the road again. Ian says his epic voyage has kept him young - and that he DOES have the support of his very patient wife whom he has managed to see all of eight times over the past 14 years!

The first port of call for Ian this time was the Manchester Motorcycling Show. He said he did intend calling in at home first to see, amongst others, his new great grandchild ..... but that he found himself on the M62 and "somehow just kept going" until he landed at the Manchester Motorcycle Show.

After a catch-up with family, Ian plans to fly to Portugal so he can drive home in a Landrover he's just bought. Then it's back on a new bike for yet more adventures.

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