Wash-away yellow lines

Lincolnshire County Council has been criticised for a section of yellow lines on a road in Stamford which have washed away.

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Council say "yellow lines" were a trial

Lincolnshire County council have made the following comment regarding the double yellow lines workmen painted on the cobbled streets in Stamford, which washed away.

We know that Stamford’s cobbled streets are an important landmark for its residents and visitors alike. We also want to protect its appearance by ensuring that parking restrictions are enforced in the area. However, applying the usual methods of laying yellow lines with liquid paint is difficult on this tricky surface. We used these lines as a trial to assess their durability here. As it hasn’t worked, we’re already looking into alternative solutions and will get these in place as soon as we possibly can.”_

– Brian Thompson, Head of Highways West Lincolnshire County Council


Council under fire for wash away yellow lines

Down the drain - double yellow lines in Stamford washed away Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Lincolnshire County Council have been criticised after workmen painted double yellow lines on the streets in Stamford which failed to stick. The paint ran into the cracks of the cobblestones in the picturesque market town leaving an unsightly mess.

It is the second time the County Council have come under fire over the painting of the double yellow lines which they were forced to remove last month as they were not deemed to be straight.

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