Homes landslip threat

Four homes are to be demolished after a landslip in North Yorkshire. The houses are on the edge of a cliff at Knipe Point near Scarborough, which collapsed on Monday. Residents claim the slip is because of a waste pipe leak from a local food factory

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Knipe Point homes under threat

A number of homes are under threat of collapse after a land slip at a beauty spot on the East coast, where three homes had to be demolished in 2008.

The properties at Knipe Point in Scarborough have been hit by erosion over the last few years, and the latest collapse has brought the cliff edge to within a few feet of several homes. Rachel Bullock reports.

Yorkshire Water respond to landslide claims

Yorkshire Water say it's too early to say who is to blame for a landslide which is threatening homes in North Yorkshire.

Four houses, which are now unoccupied, will have to be demolished at Knipe Point near Scraborough after a cliff collapse, which residents claim is because of a leaking waste pipe from a nearby frozen food factory.

We're aware of the independent report commissioned by the Knipe Point Residents Association. Due to the length and high level of technical information in the report we have not yet been able to fully consider it. We will however look closely at the findings and respond to the residents as soon as possible.

– Yorkshire Water statement


McCain responds to cliff collapse

Frozen food company McCain says it is taking expert advice on a landslip in North Yorkshire, which residents claim has been caused by a leak from one of their waste pipes. Four homes will have to be demolished after the cliff at Knipe Point collapsed on Monday.

Like everyone else in Scarborough, we are well aware of the longstanding geological issues at Knipe Point. We have participated constructively on a voluntary basis in past authoritative studies which have concluded that inherent and unstable geological conditions at Knipe Point are the most probable reason for the issue. We have asked geological experts to assess the document’s contents before commenting further.

– McCain statement

Four homes to be demolished after landslip

Four privately owned properties at Knipe Point near Scarborough will have to be pulled down after further significant land slippage earlier this week put them at risk of collapse.

Following recent bad weather, the properties, which are currently unoccupied, are now just a few metres away from the edge of the same active landslide, which four and a half years ago led to the loss of three bungalows.


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