Appeal for abducted daughter

A mother from Leeds has launched a worldwide appeal to help find her five-year-old daughter who was snatched by her father in Egypt.

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International appeal for Elsa

An international appeal has gone out for the return of a five-year-old girl from Yorkshire, snatched from her mother in Egypt while the pair were on holiday there. Elsa Salama was taken by her father - himself Egyptian - a year ago.

The trip had been organised so that Elsa could bond with her extended family over there following the break down of her parents' marriage. Despite already being jailed for the crime - her father refuses to reveal where she's hidden. Victoria Whittam has more.


VIDEO: Mother's story of daughter's abduction

Naomi Button from Leeds was left distraught when her daughter Elsa was kidnapped by her father during a trip organised to allow her bond with her Egyptian family more than twelve months ago. Naomi has launched an emotional appeal to ask that Elsa's returned home in time for her sixth birthday.

Tamer Salama, Elsa's father, is currently in Jail in this country because he won't reveal where he has hidden the little girl.

Startling figures released today by a firm of solicitors in Yorkshire, show Naomi's not alone in her heartbreak. One child a week is being abducted by a parent. Nationally, the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office says four children a day are being snatched.

Leeds mum pleads with kidnappers to return daughter

A mother from Leeds is pleading to the kidnappers of her daughter to bring her back home.

Naomi Button took Elsa, who'll be six next month, to visit her ex-husband's Egyptian family when the child was snatched by her father.

Tamer Salama is currently in jail in the UK because he refuses to reveal where he has hidden her. His term was recently increased by an additional year because of his failure to comply with court orders to return his daughter to the UK.

Elsa has not be seen since December 2011.

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