Roundabout sheep make drivers pull over

Motorists and bus passengers have faced delays and disruption at one of West Yorkshire's busiest junctions after a flock of sheep were found grazing on the roundabout.

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Yorkshire sheep send shoppers packing

Sheep have priority at Birstall roundabout. Credit: Steve Harwood

More pictures have emerged of the flock of sheep which "appeared" on the roundabout at the Birstall Shopping Park, near Leeds, close to junction 27 of the M62 on Saturday. At least 20 sheep occupied the roundabout, prompting police and highways officials to set up diversions.

Bus services were delayed by up to 40 minutes, as the sheep stood their ground at the centre of the busy junction. Some shop staff left their stores to try and find out why customer numbers had tailed off - only to find the flock had set up home on the main access road into the retail park.


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