No prosecution over tortured and burned Sheffield dog

Police appeal for help to find those responsible for torturing and killing a Staffordshire bull terrier

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No charges over tortured and burned dog

No one will be prosecuted over the death of a dog that was found tortured and burned on a Sheffield estate.

The site where the dog's torched body was foud

The male Staffordshire bull terrier had its back legs broken before it was tied to the tree and burned alive, in a that crime shocked the community.

A 28 year old man was arrested but no charges were brought.

Following the discovery of the dog, people in the Manor Laith Road area held a candle-lit vigil, and raised over £3,000 to help find the person responsible.

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Tortured dog: community in shock

The spot near where the Staffordshire Bull terrier was tortured

The spot near Sheffield city centre where a Staffordshire bull terrier was tortured. The male dog had its back legs broken before it was tied to the tree and burned alive.

The crime has shocked the community and police are appealing for anyone who may have seen anything between last Thursday and Friday when it is thought the attack took place.

Police appeal after dog is tortured to death

Police are appealing for information after the body of a badly beaten and burned dog was found in Sheffield. The animal was found on a path off Manor Laith Road near to the allotments.

Police say the light coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier male dog is believed to have been badly beaten before being tied to a tree and set on fire. Officers believe the dog suffered terribly before dying.

Anyone who has lost a dog in the area that fits the description or has any information about what happened should contact police.


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