Row over 'bedroom tax'

Campaign is launched in Hull against bedroom tax.

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Row over 'bedroom tax'

The number of families who would be hit by the Government's so-called bedroom tax has been revealed.

The National Housing Federation says 80,000 people in Yorkshire and the Humber region will lose up to £900 a year in housing benefit if they have spare room. It's calling for a rethink before the policy comes into force next month.


Husband and wife campaign against bedroom tax

Shadow work and pensions' minister Liam Byrne with Susan Pattison Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Alexander and Susan Pattison met Shadow Work and Pensions minister Liam Byrne at their home in Bransholme in Hull. They are campaigning against the so-called bedroom tax which will see their benefit cut. They have two bedrooms and sleep separately due to Mr Pattison's ill health.

Campaign against bedroom tax

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne is in Hull today to launch a campaign to highlight what Labour claim is the unfairness of the Government's Bedroom Tax. Mr Byrne will visit a couple who live in Bransholme who will be adversely affected by the tax when it is introduced in April.

Labour claim Hull City Council has 4,700 tenants that will be affected by the policy, but only 73 one and two bedroom properties available to let. The Pattisons is one of the 420,000 households across the country home to a disabled person hit by the bedroom tax.

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