Car park closure

Lincoln's Lucy Tower car park is to close for five months from March 25 for essential repairs.

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Alternative car park arrangements put in place in Lincoln

Alternative car parking arrangements are being put in place in Lincoln to help the city cope with the temporary closure of Lucy Tower Street car park. These include:

  • City Hall staff car park will become a public pay and display car park.
  • Extra spaces will be available at County Council offices on weekends only.
  • New signage will be put up directing motorists to other car parks.
  • Traffic light phasing will be altered to improve traffic flow to other car parks.

We are aware this closure will affect a lot of people but these works are vital to ensure Lucy Tower is able to stay open for the longer term. We recognise the loss of so many spaces is important for businesses, so are doing all we possibly can to mitigate this loss, including the opening up of the adjacent staff car park at City Hall. I have been delighted by the positive response from staff who have been supportive of this initiative to help trade, even though it means considerable disruption for them. I hope local businesses will realise we are doing all we can."

– Steve Bird, City of Lincoln Council


Council insists car park repairs are essential for its future

The City of Lincoln Council insists planned repairs at Lucy Tower Street multi-storey car park are essential to safeguard the building's future. It will be closed for five months for engineers to replace steel supports and resurface lower levels. The structure will be propped up during the work.

Lucy Tower Street car park Credit: City of Lincoln Council

This is the latest phase of a £1.4m maintenance programme which has already seen resurfacing and steelworks completed on the top floors. Although the structure is in no immediate danger officials say the work is necessary to prevent it deteriorating.

Lincoln's Lucy Tower car park to close for five months

One of Lincoln's biggest car parks is to close later this month for essential maintenance. Lucy Tower Street multi-storey will be shut for five months from March 25.

Engineers have already renovated the concrete on the top three floors of the building but the City of Lincoln Council says for safety reasons the whole site must close to complete the repairs on the lowerfloors.

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